Any high power tube integrteds that do well on roc

Besides VTL and VAC are there any higher pwered above 60 wpc tube integrateds that could do justice to rock or jazz music? Like the tube sound was impressed with the VTL are their other choice. Power is an important consideration. For instance the Cary SLI-90??
Rogue Tempest Magnum is 60w and has a huge power supply and massive output transformer. Very dynamic with lots of kick. Not the dark murky sound of the Cary gear and much better build and sound than the VTL and VAC. If you want to rock stay away from the anemic bass in these EL34 amps. The Electro Harmonix 6550's in the Rogue are amazing !
Have you tried the ARC CA-50?
Definitely check out the Rogue.
I just bought a Cary sli-80 and am very happy with it. I a/b with VTL and thought it was an easy choice. I have not heard Rogue but a lot a people seem to like it. A comment on one of the above posts, I would agree that you should stay away from el-34 tubes and go with 6550 or kt88. As far as the 'dark' sound of the Cary, if you replace 2 stock tubes it transforms into a totally different and very musical piece. Talk to Kevin at upscale audio, he did a great job for me.
I once had a Jolida 502A @ 60 WPC that could rock N roll
I would help to know the sensitivity of your speakers. My Dunlavy's are 91 db sensitivity. I use high powered tube monoblocks and play alot of 80's Metal. I would guess that 100 watts of tube power would be the minimum to really rock unless you hve a small room. I also second the opinion that EL-34 amps don't rock.
Dave99. I use a 502A with KT-88 tubes in our master bedroom system. It rocks but the room is smaller than the living room and the speakers have an effeciency of 94 db.
KORA 60watt JARDIS 40watt AUDIO AERO 50watt all 3 deserve serious consideration, please note they are expensive