Any high end Pre/Pro's with i-Link audio S400 ?

I want the new Esoteric UZ-1 in a bad way but it only sends out multi-channel audio through I-Link.

Are there any really top quality pre/pros out there with an I-Link input?

I know there are a bunch of Pioneer receivers that have it but what about Halcro/ML/Classe/Meridian/Anthem or any similar high end product?

I think I answered this on another forum...


none of the brands you listed can do this.
Sashua, I hear you on this topic. I have both Esoteric gear and DCS gear, but nothing that receives the firewire/I-link multi-channel signals. It would be nice to see a product that will accept an I-Link signal and output that signal as a multi-channel analog signal.

The EMM labs gear I had didn't have the 1394 input. The DCS gear I have doesn't have the multi-channel analog output. The Krell Pre/Pro I have doesn't accept either an I-Link digital input or even an HDMI multi-channel audio input.

I get the impression that I-Link is a plan for the future versitility of some of these SACD/DSD components.