Any high-end dealers care to respond?

In ten years I have purchased goods from many high-end stores in three different states, and I would say that my good experiences equal the number of bad experiences. I never know from one visit to the next at my favorite stores if I'll leave excited about a purchase or cursing about a rude salesperson. Why are high end salespeople so fickle? Is it a reflection upon the owners or the industry? Is it the customers? Should I contact the owners and relate my experience?
I thought so, just wanted to clarify. I want to apologize again, for our previous exchanges. Just wanted to get it off my chest. But perhaps if you think it's false contrition, then so be it.
If we've disagreed in the past, Carl, then we've had an exchange of ideas. Nothing wrong with that, is there? Now, if you intentionally insulted me at some point and that's what the apology is for, you'll have to try harder because I missed it. Personally, I hope you didn't, won't and our exchanges will continue to be held in a fashion conducive to all of us learning from each other.

Happy New Year, Carl. May it be your best ever!