Any High-End Audio Show near to.....??

I've never been in any High-End audio show and would like to know if there is an upcoming one in or near to Detroit? or maybe in Chicago?? Could you please let me know if you know about an event like this in these places or near around? I'd appreciate it a lot. Thanks in advance.
ces used to do a summer show in chicago. no more. stereophile did a chicago show in 1999, canceled a Rye, NY show in 2000 and has another planned for NYC next month (i predict a bust). never heard of an audio show in detroit. my guess is the closest quality audio show to you is in canada, toronto or montreal. if you wanna' see it all, best hop a plane for las vegas in january, 2002. 'course it's really fun to make it to london, frankfort or paris, should you get the chance. -kelly
Cornfed, Vegas has no appeal to me or my SO. Do you know what/when/where there are shows in London or Paris? Are US companies represented well at European shows?
meta: answer to 2nd question: yes, tho you'll also see lotsa stuff not available in usa. i'll get the schedule for 2001-2002 and privately email it to you. -kelly