Any high end audio dealers in Aspen or close?

I'll be travelling to Redstone/Colorado in April and will be in Aspen as well. Was wondering if any of you know of any high end audio dealers up there.

Will be in Denver as well but might not have that much time there to check things out.

Thanks for any suggestions
If you do have time when in Denver try to make it one or more of these shops:

Audio Unlimited
Galibier Designs

Wish I could recommend some people up in the mountains but other than Sanders Sound, which is a manufacturer, not a dealer, don't know any.
It's been a couple of years since I was in Apsen, but at one time there were:

Aspen Audio
Audioquest of Aspen
Hed Aspen
Electronics Technology Group

Aspen has quite a few custom installation type dealers. No show rooms, but can sell and install systems.

If you have time in Denver, here's some more:

Listen Up
Cherry Creek Audio
Sounds Good
Sounds Hifi in Denver is currently showcasing the Vienna Acoustic Die Muzick speakers as well as the new Rowland Criterion 2 chassis battery powered linestage. They are in fact the very 1st high end store in the USA to have a Criterion to demo. Call them at 303-759-5505 and ask for Rod, who is a good friend of mine.
Thanks guys, I'll hope to find some time to at least get into one or two of the shops in Denver, but as the brother of a friend of mine owns a bar in Denver I'll better be real focused :)
Oops Mofimadness, my horrible horrible bad. . . 'tis Soundings Hifi indeed! G.