Any HiFi equipment sound similar to YBA sonics ?

may i humbly seek advices from experienced audiogon menbers whom knows of ANY hifi equipment (CDP, preamp/amp) that share similar characteristics to YBA ? perhaps 85% to 90+% closeness in airyness and its laidback uncompress open soundstage. any input would be deeply appreciated. i tried audition few brands but sadly none. Currently their YBA Passion & lower series do not really have sonic as impressive as former YBA Classic series. Thanks again.
What price range are you trying to stay within? Maybe you could buy YBA used.
I own a YBA 2HCDT. I will never part with that amp.
i have YBA1 HCDT now, planing of upgrading to higher YBA preamp and CDP, but their current line(from Passion & downwards) all do not have that special sonics of YBA Classic 1,2 or even 3. i had heard Passion 400 & up and CDP passion series, they're lively dynamic open & deep soundstage but lack the Classic with that special clean refine(some may call it thin) grandeur airyness, which able to "spread out" and image instruments with midhigh to high freq. evenly between 2 speakers. Not easy task as high freq are directional. i listen to modern orchrestra soundtrack so YBA can make me feel i'm sitting somewhere row 8 or more. YBA also make rock music very pleasant without that brute, forward thick acoustic texture, plus sweet vocals. i could go on describing... Sadly YBA no longer produce Classic anymore. Hope anyone whom may have heard any HIFI similar to share their experience, so i could narrow down and save some time. THanks for your time and effort, sure appreciate all inputs. BTW, only solid state please.
Phillip, i haven't heard the YBA classic amps, but i'v heard the YBA Passion amps, YBA Passion preamp, the one with 1 volume control and not 2.
They would always be at the Stereophile show on the JM Lab Utopia speakers.
The system had a huge soundstage and a tube like sound.
How did you like the YBA Passion series?
For CD players, I'v always liked the Sony Xa7es.
My friend has the La Audio Pro-2 Tube CD player.
It sounds very smooth.
Other CD players i'v liked that i'v heard over the years were the Cary Audio CD 303/300, LECTOR CDP 7TL, Canary Audio CD-200 and Electrocompaniet ECM1-UP
hi, thanks for your input.
Passion series has an overall presentation of slightly forward sounding. it certainly made jazz and small chamber music lifelike and enjoyable. Yes, i also notice pairing YBA and Focal speakers in shows as they share that open soundstage feel. You'll notice Passion being sold in the market, but never Classics! and i heard ECM1-UP, feels analog and sweet but only 55-60% close to YBA classic.
Have you heard cdp from CEC or Metronome ? my dealer have problems getting these for demo.. regards.
I've had YBA electronics with Vandersteen speakers for 17 years. Once I put the system together I stopped looking and started to really listen.
HI, i'v heard the Metronome dac, transport at the Stereophile shows in NY.
But I wasn't able to a A/B it to anything.
My friend has the the CEC TL-1X transport modified by Reference audio Mods with a Audio Aero Prima dac.
This is one of the best combinations i'v heard.
It sounded so analog like a turntable.
The only thing i could compare it to, would be the REIMYO CDP-777 CD Transport/Player, that uses the JVC K2 processor in it.
Another top of the line dac and transport i heard that sounded amazing was the Eximus Dac and Transport.
I dont think they make it anymore.
Here's a pic of it
hi, thanks for the link, i didn't know Koreans can produce superb CDPs! i'm not sure if their present Stello CDp are just as good, anyway, would keep options open.
do you listen to LP or disc? have you heard Simaudio? i just listened it yesterday and it's very airy as far as other HIfi i heard, but seems digital and forward. Oh! YBA just relaunch Signature range, see their web but seems very different from YBA original design concept.
yes Digepix, that's what i'm been doing for last 8yrs, being listening music nothing else, but when i plans to upgrade, i discover they (YBA) no longer do classics anymore, i being under the impression that they seldom update the website & still produce it on demand since Passion series are still relevant. Now it seems YBA has everything change, undergoing major product line overhaul.
anyone familar with PassLab or Mcintosh preamp? thanks.
I think the closest similar sonic signature to the YBA (Passion series amps in particular) are amplifiers from Naim. Very clean, extremely low-noise floor, great dynamics and specifically strong and tight control of the speaker drivers (high damping factor so to speak). I hope YBA will continue to deliver great products with the new owners.
I think the closest similar sonic signature to the YBA (Passion series amps in particular) are amplifiers from Naim. Very clean, extremely low-noise floor, great dynamics and specifically strong and tight control of the speaker drivers (high damping factor so to speak). I hope YBA will continue to deliver great products with the new owners.
That being said, Yves-Bernard-Andre is still technical adviser of the company. This is a good thing.
hi Vimv, thanks for your suggestions.
that's what i feels also, about Naim & Passion closeness in sonic similarities. so that's why i didn't buy Naim & Passion series, it's not the sound i like. it's more about overall presentaton of musical soundstage, like in a grand musical hall with musician playing all sort of instruments without compression and lots of air around them.
anyone know other HiFi have such traits? Audiio Aero? thanks.


I should have read the whole posts before responding, my apologies. For SS amplification, consider Pass' XA .5 series class A amps, this would be more in line with the sound you're after. Great transparency and presence. Keep us updated on your new equipment search.

sure of course, i would definitely post my encounters with the Hifi i experienced. i would try going for more listening whenever possible. but i just don't wish to visit each and every hifi dealers and make them feel i am wasting their time since i'm hunting for specific type of sound.
So i hope anyone whom have brief idea of any Hifi equipment that sound similar to YBA classics range to enlighten me, i'll post my findings and give a more conclusive and comparison with other hifi set, and make future Audiogoners easier in selection process.
how about pass lab preamp and audio research CDP ?

What's your main speakers by the way? For sources, would you be willing to fore-go CD players instead go for the DACs such as from Linn, Weiss, PS Audio, Berkeley, Ayre, DCS name a few. I'm not as experienced as most seasoned audiophiles here, but I think these are some of the best digital sources available in the market.

I heard the Pass XP30 last year, for SS, I really like it and IMO this would compete with the very best out there including tube based ones in terms of transparency and straight wire concept (no coloration). But I would leave the preamp option last, instead try the DACs directly feeding the amps first as most comes with variable output and see if it matches well with your system. Most audiophiles experience thinness when fed directly. But depending on the I/O impedances b/w DAC and amps, type of speakers and ancillary equipments, one can be a rewarding experience.

just upgraded from ML Vantage to Spire. these are fast & revealing speakers. i have not heard any DACs before, but if any can sound similar to YBA classic, that would be best!
i'm using MIT cables, compared to that $4000 Siltech RCA interconnect, which is extremely good, i still prefer MIT. i had A/B them in a $50000 Spectral electronic & Avalon system, so i believe what i hear is their true sound. i suggest anyone whom love jazz using Naim system to give Siltech a try.
can you suggest any DAC that sound laidback & airy & smooth relax highs? BTW, is it extremely rare to find DACs with balance adjustments as compare to preamps? my budget is not high, maybe the farthest i go for DAC or Pre is 10-11k, still need to get YBA amp or Electrocompaniet amp though.
Philip, I have no experience with your particular speakers except some of the older model hybrids and the Summit. I would assume they're still difficult to drive speakers as are with the other ML models. I still have and kept my first generation CLS and remain as a reference. Tube components are great with them in most cases which you probably may have tried as well as some of the newer SS amps. I've heard Spectron amps and they sound great with panels too.

For DACs: Linn, Weiss, PS Audio, Berkeley, Ayre, DCS would most likely have most of the attributes you're looking for. Great extension across the band, airy(low noise-low distortion), live presence, not harsh or edgy sounding, flexible interfaces. Bring a couple of DACs home for actual comparison, one of them will surely match well with your system and to your preferences. Do keep us updated.

Vinw, thanks for your recommendations. guess you are knowledgeable with DACs. i would sure try some of the names you suggested, it will be my first venture with DACs. Just read somewhere that Audio Aero are almost 85% similar with Zanden, maybe that is also the kind of sound presentation i would be happy with as they are also more or less in line with YBA attributes.
would post as when i'm free to attend more auditions. thanks
Philip, sometimes older components specifically amps and perhaps preamps designed by the Masters in the past can hardly be equaled. But the dig'l playback nowadays are way ahead from the previous designs. Glad to know you are also trying the newer stuff that are recommended and discussed in some of the forums. Enjoy and have fun with your auditions!

hey, i just bought a simaudio 750D from my dealer. i requested him to ask Simaudio to change the digital RCA connector to BNC type. do anyone knows by any chances that Simaudio accept such request? thanks.
i had audition the 750 and felt it is smooth and has big soundstage. it is still not quite the same as YBA but acceptable, given i'm drawing reference from a YBA 3 box CD player and with money difference of a few grand though.
I just acquired the YBA classic amplifiers (10 year ago Signature series). What cables partner well with YBA? Anyone has cable recommendations to go with it?

hi Ham,
i tried many cables from Nordost, Synergetic Research, Crystal cable, Siltech and the cheaper one too. but none can compete to MIT network cables if you like the openness and airyness of YBA.Then MIT will compliment YBA very well. Hope this helps.
Thanks, Philip.
I am playing with HiDiamond cables currently with my YBA. The RCAs are not bad, but the speaker cables sound darkish to me.