Any hi-end Aussie speakers or electronics?

Howdy...going down under for the first time in late May...wondering if there is any Aussie equipment worth looking into...hoping to audition the MJ Acoustics Sub(Brit) that has recently been introduced there...cheers...
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Supratek is from down under
Definitly need to hear Halcro gear...

Also Whautmough (spelling??) speakers I saw advertised here were suppose to be good. Also stop in at the Hogs Breath and have some prime rib. Don't swim at night, and if feels like a just might be.
Peter Stein's "ME" amps.

Perreaux is from NZ.


It really depends where you are going. Supratek is in Perth (West Aus), Adelaide (South Aus) has VAF research speakers and Sonique speakers, Halcro is there, and T.M.C. cables if you’re really keen, but the majority of companies are on the East Coast. Sydney has an excellent shop, Len Wallis Audio (they stock Perreaux). ME amplifiers and Dan A Digital speakers are also there. Melbourne has Redgum Amplifiers, Osborn loudspeakers, Whatmough, and as you say you’re interested in auditioning a sub, try Whise in Melbourne.

Don’t try anything you see on The Crocodile Hunter, the man is certifiable! But I definitely second the Hog’s Breath Mdomnick!
Osborn loudspeakers,from Melbourne..In Adelaide you can find the Duntech but some say it is old is up to you..VAF Research,,their I-93 is a good speaker.Krix is also an aussie brand..lots of audio companies in a small country..(19 million).If I were in Australia my first aim would be to listen to Osborn Grand Monument..They use Focal drivers in that speaker..I heard lots of praises about that speaker..
Don't let the "old design" label fool you, Duntech is a fine speaker company and worth checking out. Plinius is from NZ, I believe (close by), Halcro is definitely from Australia.
Check out Ambience speakers!! They make the most beautiful ribbon speakers you will ever hear! They are a 2 way design at 89db sensitivity and they use SOLID wood for the speaker rails. They have been around for many years and have had numerous reviews, all positive. Their web site is
Isn't Audio Physic's Australian?

Look into the wine too, some of the best bargain's are from "Down Under".
They say Duntechs are amoung the best and most neutral in the world..
Duntech in fact is a good speaker..I believe was founded by John Dunlavy before he started designing Dunlavy..Some will say that John Dunlavy outperformed the Duntech models by the Dunlavy speakers..As for me I have no idea which one is better or if Duntech is as good as Dunlavy..the Sovereign is a big design by Duntech..
duntechs are superior in sound and build ...and are still used in many recording studios.
Hey, one more important saftey tip...when you see this thing flying at you that has a wing span the size of a VW Bug, and looks very much like a Teradactyl, don't be alarmed. Its just a harmless fruit bat. Dam, I miss Oz; cool place to live.
Audio Physic is German.
DO NOT miss the Perigee by Graeme Keet.

Graeme Keet (Graz) will soon be known as the finest speaker builder extant IMO.

With his speakers in tow, Graz made an impromptu visit to reviewer Ken Kessler, whose own speakers, the Apogee Scintilla, is an audio center stage star few speaker builders dare follow. Ken Kessler was more than impressed with the Perigee. Initially giving Graeme four minutes, busy Kessler kept the Perigee crooning for four hours.

You will be ever so sorry if you miss this golden opportunity.