Any hi def hd drive video rec w/o service charges

Are there any high definition hard drive video recorders on the market that don't have service charges like Tivo? I know that Sony used to have two: DHG-HDD500, and DHG-HDD250, but they are no longer on the market. I guess Tivo, Comcast, Verizon, etc. got to them somehow.
You dont have to pay for Tivo service, you just wont get some functions like TV guide, season pass and stuff but you dont need to pay if you just want to record manaual.
If you do the "Lifetime Subscription" option($399), it pays for itself in about a year. It had been cancelled for awhile, but has now been re-started.
My problem is that I have a stand-alone Sony w/Lifetime, but I want an HD unit that can't be used with SAT since it needs a cable card(it supposedly can be used with an OTA antenna). I can use it with Fiber-optic(Surewest), but then what would I do with my two DirecTV versions? Will an OTA antenna be affected by the new law come February?
Is it digital? If it is for HD stations its ok.