Any Herron VTPH-2 Phono Stage Owners out there?

Has anyone recently purchased a VTPH-2? Any thoughts compared to other phono stages costing around the same price of $3,600? That still is a lot of money and a lot of good competition out there. I was also looking at a couple of the Sutherland units (the DUO and the 20/20).

Another concern is that I have a Primaluna Dialogue Premium HP Integrated Amp and was wondering how another tube phono stage would sound with the tube phono stage? Is it better to Mix solid state phono stage with a Tube Amp or keep it all the same (all tubes or all solid state?). My turntable is a VPI Prime with Ortofon Quintet black cartridge. Thanks!
Lew, the LOMC input stage of the VTPH-2 is FET-based rather than tube-based. Depending on the particular device and how the surrounding circuit is implemented, FET stages can have input impedances in the billions of ohms, and I believe in some cases even in the trillions of ohms, at least at frequencies that are relevant to audio.

I note that a poster earlier in the thread indicated that the "natural" input impedance of that input is 1 megohm. Even if the number is that low, however, it would not be unreasonable to consider it to be essentially infinite for all practical purposes.

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(A very happy recent purchaser of a VTPH-2. And as many others have said in this and other threads, what a pleasure Keith is to deal with!!!).
I recently received a Herron VTPH-2 from Keith Herron. I bought the unit at the same time that I updated my VTSP-3A(r02) to (r03) status and updated my M1A's to current production standards. I own a Nagra VPS phono stage along with a Nagra PL-L line stage and Nagra VPA power amps, each of which is substantially more expensive than its Herron counterpart. While I have not completed a comprehensive comparison of the new and updated Herron pieces against their Nagra peers, after two full days of running in, I can say that the Herron gear holds its own with the Nagra gear. Of course, there seem to be pluses and minuses but it may be a bit early for me to declare one preferable to the other.

I can say, with absolute certainty, that Keith Herron is among the very best people in audio with whom to deal. He is honest,  accommodating, low-key and knowledgeable. He makes me - and others with whom I have spoken - want to own Herron gear. As I think about it, maybe I have undersold Keith as only being "among" the very best people in audio.

Any experience of users of the Cary SLP-98 phono compared to the Herron phono VTSP-2 or VTSP-3A?   I am not satisfied with the Cary and find it noisy and want something that is dead quiet when playing vinyl.  Any recommendations appreciated.....

How does Herron compare to Luxman EQ-500 or Luxman CL-38uC's phono stage?. I have a 2M Ortofon Bronze cart on Rega P6. The phono output will be going to Legacy Wavelet processor to Line Magnetic 805 to Legacy Aeris.

I am seriously considering Herron. 
bringgeld, I have had some experience with the Cary SLP98 in my home system.  With all respect to the Cary, I would say safely that it cannot be in the same league with the Herron, given the number of experienced guys who adore the Herron.  Same goes for the Luxman units, although they are beautifully made.