Any Herron M1A amp early impressions out there?

Keith Herron's recent release of the M1A amp is a great development IMO. No wasted energy/funds to hand cast, or sculpt of titanium the monoblock amp cases, but none better than the M1A, I know of in producing music's pure, exciting wonder. My Herron 3A pre was GREAT with my prev., 9K list amp, but the optimal, exact match to the pre, is, of course the Herron M1A amp. Any experience of others appreciated. System components include Sony 5400/Modwright Truth SACD player, Shunyata Python/ Kimber Select silver ICs and Acoustic Zen spker cables- Satori 8,' tri wired.
Really, I will have to contact Keith to get the skinny on this. I really love the sound of M1's and VTSP3A...
I had my M150's upgraded to the M1's or as Keith said with the same upgrades as being made to the M1's. However, I also upgraded to the VTSP-3A at the same time so I can't describe which change made the biggest difference. I would assume the 3A.....but whatever it was, they are a great match.