Any help to ID old garrard TT

Hi everyone, I am new to this board and haave found it to be very informative. I am just getting back into vinyl after a long time. Anyway, I found an old garrard TT in a pawnshop that I can't seem to find any pictures of on the web. It kind of looks like a Zero 100, but it doesn't have the fancy tang. arm, just a wooden arm. It isn't in good shape, it did run when plugged in and the damped cueing seemed to work well. Can anyone point me in the right direction as to find out what model this might be, or where to look on the unit to find a model number. If anyone could help, I would appreciate any and all input. Thanks......... Kim
There are several Web sites devoted to old turntables, and the following one seems to cover mainly Garrards:
If it has a faux wood trimmed arm with a stylus force guage built in it could be what I owned way-back-when - an SL95-B.
Also owned the Zero-100 (while praying for something like digital to come along...).

If you can send me a photo I'll try and ID it for you

Regards, Richard.

Sounds like a Lab-80, see if that fits.