Any HDMI recommendations?

Can any1 rec any good brand of HDMI cables that YOU ONCE, not heard, BUT TRIED AND COMPARED with others and totally happy with?
I am very happy with the Nordost Silver Screen's picture quality when compared with Belden-1 from BlueJeanCable in non-BlueRay format. Also, the Monster HDMI-1000 already got kicked butt by the AQ HDMI-1, so any other brands beside them would be appreciated. How about the AQ HDMI-3, anyone? (FYI: There are many fake ones are available on ebay, be careful)
I like the technical stuffs, love to test around, and collecting thoguhts from others. Theory such "digital is just On and Off, they are whole bunch of square waves, zeros to ones, 01010101", I think I have heard enough of that too, lol. If you are already COMPARED one HDMI cable with OTHER BRANDS, please share.
I am using HDMI Silver Serpent Reference cables from, and have been very pleased with the picture quality on my Pioneer Elite KURO FD-101 50" plasma. The price-to-performance ratio makes them an excellent buy as well. For more info, here's a link:
I have 2 pair of the Blue Jeans cable BJC Series-F2 and rec them highly. (Samsung 750 series LCD>Sony Blu-Ray and Cable/Dvr to Samsung LCD). Tried Parts-Express, Audio Research, and Monster. Price to performance and build quality are excellent. Belden cable used and looks good.
What length of cables are you running? For short runs of about 3ft, I would be surprised if you notice a difference between the cheaper Belden cables and the expensive ones, I didn't. For longer lengths it's a different story. I run a 45' length to my projector (PT-AE3000U, 102" screen)and the only cable (under $500) that would give 1080p crystal cear picture with no dropouts is the Belden BJC Belden Series-1.
Hi Giggsy,
Yes, for a fair run, I tried to test them equally at 3 ft long, but my Beldon was 1M long and the Nordost SilverScreen was 2M long. Every time the S.S. was switched to, the picture quality was smoother, brighter. It was half step closer to BlueRay 's quality.
I once had a 25' long from MonoPrice and I thought, considered its length, its picture quality was quite enjoyable. For a fair comparasion, I modified the MonoPrice by cutting it down to 4' long and re-soldered many (about 19) tiny wires but.... it died out on my surgical table.
Spending any more money than is simply foolish. Enjoy.
Wireworld Silver Starlite 5.2. I have 4 in 2 systems with great results. They come in various lengths.
Fplanner2000, I have to agree. I have tried many HDMI cables cheap to expensive and this Wireworld Silver Starlight 5.2 is amazing. The color, depth and clarity are just so noticeable over cheaper cables. Well worth it for the most discerning audiophile. It's on the expensive side but it can be found for 50% off. IMO Wireworld makes the best HDMI cable period. If you can afford it, go for it. If not, get the monoprice or bettercables.
Kimber has 3 HDMI models.