Any HD or BluRay "All in ones" for sale yet?

Hello fellow Audiogoner's,
Does anyone know whether there's been a release of the new HD or BluRay "All in One" boxes from major manufacturers such as Teac (Esoteric), Denon, Sony and others? I thought there might be some new/ interesting information on these players after the 2006 CES.... Any input is welcomed....
the 'bugs' in the software are still being ironed out. the chicken and the egg
Maybe by spring for blueray. Later for HD. Or is it the other way around? Besides it will be awhile before there are any movies out.
I think HD DVD is coming out first
HD-DVD was to be the first players on the market but i just read a major setback might put BLUERAY out first.I would save my money and wait for the PS3,tell the wife its for the kids and sit back and check out the format since Sony has already stated they will be including BLUERAY drives in PS3,worth a shot.
Thanks everyone for your input. Your info is kinda what I was thinking and aware of. I guess it'll be a while longer before we have a stable and preferred technology in this arena.
Cheers, Rick
Samsung will be releasing a dula HD-DVD and BluRay player, end of 2006
LG will have a dual player by March.
By the way, I was talking to a rep I know at a local HiFi shop and he made an interesting point. He said that he thinks HD will ultimately come out ahead unless the blu-ray disks are heavily subsidized. He noted that HD disks are between 1/5 to 1/7th the cost of a HD disk. Although blu-ray disks hold more info (upto 50gb, if I remember correctly???) vs. the (HD disks upto 30gb), he said consumers and manufacturers will not be willing to pay a huge price differential because both will adequately store the contents of movies.

Add to this that bluRay players are expected to be much higher $$$$, it's a problem.

Anyways, if anyone else has insight or can correct/ substantiate this view point, it'll be appreciated.

Cheers, Rick
I'm sticking with my Betamax. It is far more "analog" sounding than any DVD.
Thats not funny. I still have my Betamax player. Haven't used it in 6 months. But I did get rid of my LaserDisk player 2 years ago.