Any Hagerman Bugle Power Supply PCB's out there?

Jim Hagerman has decided to stop selling the Power Supply for his remarkably good Bugle phono preamp, which leaves me in bad shape since I was hoping to build the combo. (Jim has none of the PCB's for it in stock.) I do NOT want to use 9V batteries instead. If by any wild chance anyone of you has one of these PCB's and is for some reason willing to sell to me, please let me know. Thanks!
Tom, have you thought about asking Jim for the schematic and building it yourself? It's worth a try.
You should try over on Audio Asylum and Audio Circle (has a Hagerman forum) as well. Might be some DIY'ers out there that can help you.
I heard today from Jim H that he's decided to order another batch of the Power Supply blank PCB's, so I'm off the hook. A very kind person offered to make one for me, using a Radio Shack blank PCB, but now he won't have to.
I have four other phono preamps, all tube, all parts-upgraded to the hilt and beyond--details on request--and the Bugle (also maximally parts-upgraded) competes with them all. I would recommend it to fellow Audiogoners.
I have had people look at the circuit of my Bugle and proclaim that Jim is a genius. When they hear how much they can get the kit for they are even more impressed. I used to own the Trumpet, but alas it's footprint was too big for my system at the time. The Bugle holds up well against it. The linear power supply should be a huge upgrade. Since he is ordering more boards you've got me thinking.
Hi Clio09,

Are you using it on batteries? I've never heard it that way, but was told that it sounded "more rubust" with the Power Supply. I'm soon to be building my fourth Bugle soon, and have a good (I think) chassis design, and know of another that's more conventional and easier. I also have one Power Supply upgrade to suggest. If you like, get in touch by Member Lookup and I'll pass it on to you.