Any Green Mountain Audio Continuum 3 owners ?

I would like to know anything I can about these speakers. I have sent out email to GMA, but, as of yet, have not received response.
What are your opinions of your speakers? I would like to have further dialog.


They are butt ugly. Apparently they sound fantastic though.
im sure this doesent really help does it?
Hi Rick-
Our e-mail system is working again.
Slappy- butt ugly??? Ouch!
Seen in person, C-3's are pretty.
Best to all,
Roy Johnson
Green Mountain Audio
PS: yes, we are really busy.
Rick -

Contact Mike in NYC; ( he has a pair of new C-3's and loves them. I've talked to him at length over the phone about the GMA's and many other speakers he has tested. Mike is a very friendly guy and likes to talk audio.

FWIW, I happen to think the C-3's are very interesting looking and offer a certain WOW factor. Think of them in terms of a piece of sculpture rather than a utilitarian box.
I heard these speakers at Mike's place and they are fabulous and I mean right at the very top of the best speakers out there. As to appearance, they are good enough looking and would probably make it past most people's "wife" or partner test. They are very well made and the quality helps make them pleasing to the eye. I would probably have a cover made for the top for when they are sitting dormant and with that done, they would look nice. More importantly, these speakers have what it takes, pinpoint imaging, dynamics, total coherence, and beautiful tone all around. These speakers are in total control of dynamic changes and are suitable for all types of music. There is no way anyone would be disappointed by the sound of these. I think they give all the big guys a serious run for their money and I am seriously considering them even though I currently own the Alon Lotus Signature Elites (great), Ascendo Zs (outrageous)and Linkwitz Orion (great).
I currently own a pair of the C-3s in a great looking cocobola finish. I will admit up front that I have liked Roy's previous designs and own a pair of his Europa's as well. I only have about 30 hours or so on these speakers so that they are not yet broken in. Last weekend I borrowed a custom tube phono stage from a friend so I now had a complete tube system Basis/Graham/Benz H20,
tube phono, Air Tight ATC-2 pre, Viva Aurora SET monos. I am completely pleased with all aspects of their performance. I do not feel the need to add subs ( I have two Green Mountina SW-15s in the room for Surround system).My best descpription is that I can more clearly understand the intent of the artist. The different characteritics and techniques used in the recording process are much more obvious. I found my self playing a lot of vinyl and being completely absorbed in the music. This system did not get in the way.
All the audiophile things are there in spades, imaging, micro and macro dynamics, neutral tonal balance ( as far as I can tell at this point in the break-in process)and wide bandwidth. I will report back after the speakers are broken in and the honeymoon period is over. I have heard and owned a lot of speakers in the last 22 years in this hobby and so far I think this one is the best of all.

Thanks for the initial report! Keep us updated.
Myself & a friend of mine have two pair of C-3's
due in about two more weeks.
I have owned two pair of Europas and know what I
am in store for. Yahoowe!!
Hello both of you!!
I also just ordered a pair of C-3's (last Friday) Tellfefsen, what did the cocobola cost extra?
I am very anxious to get mine... but, I will be waiting about 3 weeks for them to be built.