Any GREAT "sleeper" amps?

Looking for relatively unknown super steal deal tube pwr/int amps - around 60-150 watts?
Read my review of the Mcallister PP150. Wont find a better amp for $1000 or so. Big time sleeper.

Go straight for Nikko amps.
They're built for life and do a very great job for bellow $500. Their power rating varies depends on the model from 100 upto 400Wpc. One downside is that many of them wouldn't drive speakers that go bellow 4Ohms.
"Super steal deal" is a relative thing. What is your budget?
I enjoyed Arcams Alpha 10 (about 100 wpc if memory serves) in both integrated and power amp versions. Don't know if the used Alpha's are going at what you'd call a steal though. Good Luck!
I've heard of cats that will sleep on a warm amp, but I am not sure what brand they prefer.
My choice would be Belles 150 ref.---No tubes but you might not miss the aggravation and just enjoy--- Around 1800 used.
I wouldn't exactly call it a sleeper, but I would call it a classic that has IMHO been very hard to beat.

You could do FAR worse than this amp...

I am partial to tubes, but the old Dynaco mark 3's are really nice if you buy them after the caps and tubes have been updated.
Thanks, sugarbrie. a little humor goes a long way on this forum!
Nikko alpha amps! Currently I have the Alpha-220 (120 watt/ch). Clean design, rack mountable, etc.
Niles Audio SI-245. I was using this as a surround amp for the back two channels of a home theater setup, but now using it as a main amp for a 2nd system. Very powerful for its 45w/ch rating, very clean non-fatiguing sound, very well built (large transformers, can drive inefficient speakers, solid chassis), and has level controls for each channel. I think it's a great value as it's list price is only $400.
Yes, Cayin A 88-T. Just for your information, I am re-posting this (the original post was put up today for an AGoner who wanted recommendations, still it applies here too i think. In hoping that it may be of help. It is not as powerfull as what you are looking for at 40 watts, but just for comparison's sake, it smokes a previous Sim Audio Moon I-5 to shame both sonically and in subjective power.

Cayin A 88-T integrated, a TERRIFIC bargain. Grab one before the price goes up. I own this stellar amp, and it is a keeper, after owning a lot of pricier equipment.

I know, it's made in China...but this is a SMART amp and it sounds delicious with gourmet tubes, meaning getting rid of the stock tubes (although they are nice)and going a bit better. Partner this with a decent power cord - a MUST - and you are in business.

This thing has point-to-point wiring, a soft-start circuitry to extend tube life, a nice, small but chunky metal remote with switchable standard ultralinear 40 watts or triode 22 watts mode (not quite SET but close...) AND what I feel is truly exceptionnal build quality and parts selection for the price, leaving in my opinion at least, all the Antique Sound Lab (ASL) and similar amps in the dust in this departement.

Sound-wise, I really think you have to spend a LOT more money to equal it, and even more to surpass it. Very beautifull to look at, and very beautifull-sounding, I think it is a screaming bargain, and my guess is that one of these days, the price of these will skyrocket upwards when more of these will be in the market, and there is a bit more history out there, now that there seems to be (finally) a reliable distributor in the US. By the way, I did compare it to the Prima Luna, sorry, close but no cigar. As I said, my Cayin A 88-T is a keeper, something I have not been able to say in a very long time. Good luck!
The Music Hall Mambo is a killer integrated at $1300 that is rarely mentioned. 50wpc Pure Class A and overall larger cap value than a 200wpc Rotel. Dynamic, detailed and sweet sounding, what more could you want?
My CJ MF-200 amp. I have tried to replace it over the years with a McCormack .05, a Belles (older), a Llano 300 watt hybrid, an Odyessey Stratos, and finally a Pass labs X-150. The Pass was the only amp that made me smile more than my CJ, although it is not quite as warm sounding. The other amps did certain things better than the CJ but were not as musical overall in my system. I will be selling the CJ soon since I can't keep both the CJ and Pass.
Monarchy Audio SE-100, I just replaced my BAT VK-60 with a pair & they are very nice amps fpr the money. I am very pleased with the purchase. For the used price these go for it is a no brainer for a pair of pure class A mono blocks that do not run hot.
Berning EA-230's and the such..especially in mono.
MAde in the USA: Rogue Audio Cronus. I bought one and am truly pleased with all of its performance characterstics.