Any good vinyl shops in Orlando?

Does anyone know of any good vinyl shops in Orlando, Florida? I'm looking for primarily jazz or blues. thanks!
I live 45 minutes down the road from Orlando and attempts to find vinyl in Orlando have proven futile. The only seller of vinyl I've found there is the Virgin Megastore at Downtown Disney, and their Jazz and Blues offerings vary from mediocre to scant depending on when you hit them in their buying cycle. Tampa has used vinyl for sale at a couple of locations and I hit those regularly. With the increased interest in vinyl though, prices and purchase competition are rising. It's getting harder and harder to find good used stuff in the stores. If you live in the area and are willing to invest some effort, there are a plenitude of Florida boomers divesting themselves of their vinyl through the want ads of local papers.
rock and roll heaven.....check directory for address
Vinyl Frontier on Colonial Drive (Rt 50). Enjoy.
Thanks for the heads up on those two shops. I'd done several searches for information about shops like these in the past. Sometimes it amazes how ineffective search engines can be at returning information you need.
Another one that you might want to check out would be ParkAvecds over in Winter Park area. They used to be located at Fairbanks and Orange Ave, but have since moved from there.
I am sure that if they dont have what you are looking for at the store, they can order it for you and if one would like, can even have it shipped to your house ( very small fee for this service the last time I checked ).

I sent a message to Gibson58 letting him know this, but he may not have checked his email this morning ?

Here is the link to ParkAvecd's

Like many non residents, Orlando is the commonest town to visit for a kids holiday. I have visited twice and had a dispiriting time driving 60 miles looking for music, to find identical malls with identical shops. There is usually 1 small shop selling chart CDs and thats it. The problem is, getting used to the countrys way of doing retail. I am sure you colonials would have the same problem in the UK.
Thank you everyone for the recommendations! I'll check them out.
jaybo, good recommendation on rock and roll heaven! A bit pricey, but a HUGE selection and the condition was impressive. Unfortunately my wife and her friend were along (they wanted to go to the mall- and this little detour was only mildly tolerated), so I only got to go through the jazz section, and didn't even get to look at the blues or rock. Picked up some good stuff- Jimmy Raney- live in tokyo, Jim Hall- live, Bossa nova-Barney Kessel and big band, John lewis- solo piano, Howard Roberts- plays guitar, Herb Ellis- softly but with that feeling, Sandy Nassan- just guitar, and Pat Martino- last exit.