any good turntables with repeat function

Is there a good turntable with a repeat-play function? I once owned the B & O 8000 but no more. Would love to have that table back but there must be others of equal or better quality. Presently use VPI Mark II. Thanks.
I have a Technics SL-D3 with the STROBE LIGHT and the
REPEAT feature that you speak of, it has a switch
from 0-6 for the REPEAT feature.
the grooves AHEAD of the needle! NICE FEATURE!
It is not a good feature to have. Playing a record twice in a row can damage it. Records viewed under a microscope after play show the heat of the stylus changes the shape of the grooves. They come back to shape in 24 to 48 hours.
try a vintage DUAL - should sound better than a BO
Jsbail, I think that I remember reading years ago high quality virgin vinyl (MoFi, DCC, Japanese vinyl, et. al) can be played repeatedly. Also, I seem to remember that in actuality, the grooves on inferior non-virgin vinyl returned to normal after 12 hours. Perhaps better minds than mine can refresh my foggy memory on this one.

Jdh9, I used a Kenwood KP 5022-A direct drive table that had a repeat function. This table was produced in the mid '70's. It kicked butt on the Technic tables from that era. I don't know if there are any modern quality tables with a repeat function. A CD player with repeat won't cut it for your listening pleasure, I take it?
no. don't even try if you have any valuable vinyl.
Thanks to all. I do have some valuable vinyl and thanks to your cautions, they will not be used with a repeat function. My aging knees increasingly rebel against getting up at inopportune times to lift the table arm.

I should probably start a new thread, but will ask this anyway: Are there good semi-automatic tables - those which lift the arm at the end of play? I think Thorens includes this function on some models but am not aware of other good turntable names which do.

I do use my SACD unit but also enjoy putting on some of my pre-cd vinyl.

Thanks again.
Hey Cornfed, how the heck have you been?!!! Are you going to start posting again? Good to see your moniker again!
Jdh9, I started a thread some months back asking about the best auto-lift or auto-shutoff tables available because I was thinking about upgrading from my Thorens TD-320. While the response was more limited than what I'd hoped for, the consensus was that Thorens did make the best tables with these functions. I've since asked Steve at how I could upgrade and he concurred that the Thorens' tables are at the top if you want this function. He also told me that to improve upon the sound of my TD-320 I'd need to step up to a manual table such as the VPI Scout (which would get me into serious bucks!) and that the 300 line of Thorens tables are better than the more popular 100 line. Therefore, from one lazy old man to another, I respectfully recommend the Thorens, particularly the TD-320. Also, be careful because some of the 300 models are manual only. I think that includes the TD-316 and the TD-318. Good luck, Rich
Winegasman, a very helpful response My knees and I are grateful. The old B & O 8000 I once owned would also lift at the end of play; the repeat function did not have to be used. My VPI Mark II has no such function. Thanks much.
The story on LP grooves and repeated play seems to always be stretched.
The original article testing the vinyl after repeated playback showed that TWO HOURS was a sufficient length of time to replay a chunk of vinyl and not have permanent groove damage.
To "be safe" wait four hours, then ??? to be safer safe wait 24hours..
But really, the article ended on two hours as a safe waiting period.
Denon made some excellent turntables with arm lift at end of record as well as full auto functions. Some of the models I remember are

Some of the models have a "L" in the model designation and I think this means "lift". I am a college grad after all!

Many of the models used a servo controlled arm which makes cartridge setup a snap. A couple of the models (dp62L?) have removeable arm wands and come with a straight arm as well as a more massive S shaped arm.

Very good tables and sound great with a Denon DL103R. Nice looking, too. A pristine example in original box can be had for under 700 usually; w/o box a bit less.

The DP47F is fully automatic and has the repeat function you like as well as a random play. This unit was in production until a few years back and there may be a couple of new examples in the distribution chain if you look hard. I found a new one less than a year back and paid 525 for it. This is a good table; not as good as the dp62/72 models but a good table.
A lot of great information generated here. Thanks for the continuing help.