Any good tube headphones and headphone amps for vinyl playback?

I have a pretty good analog setup: SME deck, Koetsu cart, Pass Labs phono preamp.  I'm not sure if this is a thing that many people do, but I'm interested in listening to vinyl exclusively through headphones.  If I connect a tube headphone amp to my phono stage to listen with headphones, will it be too noisy and not worth it?  Most headphone listeners use digital playback which makes sense.  Does anyone have any good experience with listening to good vinyl playback via headphones that is quiet?
There's really no difference listening between digital and analog with headphones.  A source is a source and the amp and headphones (if they're decent) will deliver whatever comes from the source.

What's your budget? 

Do you currently have speakers?  What do you like most about them?  That would help in terms of pointing you towards a specific sound signature, do you like things really neutral, a little warm, or do you prefer more "analytical"?  Are you a basshead, a midrange freak?

Other things to consider are comfort and build, open or closed back (will you be listening around other people?) and sensitivity matching the headphones to the amp.  

Why the preference for tubes?  If you want quiet, in general solid state will be more quiet, but there are some quiet tube headphone amps out there.
@tyan42, don't get me started. Like everything else audio, do your DD and follow the sound. enjoy the music
I use a Woo WA5 and a WA22 headphone amp. The WA5 is awesome, and mates well with my Manley Chinook and VPI Prime, and works amazing as an integrated amp too. Every headphone I own sound amazing on it. 
The WA22 is great as a headphone only amp but it needs a balanced source and balanced headphone cables. 
No noise issues with either one.
I suppose my budget is flexible, but I’d like to spend no more than 2K on both amp and headphones. I like the tube sound as I use a VAC and Harbeth monitors.  I’m flexible though, but I’ve always preferred tubes.  
You owe it to yourself to try a Stax setup. Not cheap--especially good tube options--and could be too revealing of surface noise. But the immersive clarity can't be beat. True, digital sounds great--better than on speakers--but vinyl is even more beguiling.