Any good Tuba Classics or Trombone classics Cd

Does anyone know of any great TUBA or TROMBONE , classical or Jazz CD that are classics. Names and labels would be great.
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JJ Johnson is the man on jazz tombone.

The Eminent Jay Jay Johnson, Vol. 1

Fantastic album, a Rudy Van Gelder Blue Note re-issue. Added bonus, Clifford Brown is on it!

Couldn't recommend it more highly.
Vaughan Williams composed one of if not the only Tuba Concerto. Find it on LP on RCA LSC 3281. I tell you, it is pretty hot concerto to experience in concert.

Another obsure instrument as a featured instrument is the tympani. William Kraft composed a Tympani Concerto. I don't know if any recordings are available.
There are two cds published by Hungaroton, a Hungarian label, by József Bazsinka with tuba. Both are modern XX. century music, If you need help to get them, I could help you.
French Connection,
Check out Crystal Records - Brass is their main specialty, and they've got some great offbeat Tuba and Trombone stuff.
Here are five good classical CDs for tuba:

Vaughan Williams: Tuba Concerto, Chandos (available from

Music for Trombone and Bass Tuba, Torge & Lind, BIS (available from

Portrait of an Artist: Arnold Jacobs -tuba, Summit(available from

Bobissimo! The Best of Roger Bobo -tuba, Crystal Records (available from

The Romantic Tuba, Cooley -tuba, Crystal Records (available from
There is an entire disc on Cala Records (the conductor Geoffrey Simon's label) of trombone music (I think it's the London Trombone Sound, but I may be mistaken, they had a series of these theme albums), with ultimately 76 trombones playing you know what. Actually very good sound and a lot of fun. Geoffrey told me that when they first started recording in a local church (at night to avoid extraneous sounds, of course) they were chased out by complaints from the neighboring homes, the trombones were so loud. They finally found a more remote, and very reverberant, church in which they made the recording.

By the way, I have heard that the definition of "perfect pitch" is someone throwing a trombone into the ocean and hitting a viola floating there.