Any good shelf systems out there?

My son is turning 9 and is asking for a bedroom stereo.  I’m loathe to give him a Bluetooth speaker and an iPad and have been looking for a CD / AM /FM type all in one shelf system of reasonable size. These use to be pretty commonl but like everything else seems to have been displaced.  Would love to find one with HD radio but that’s probably a fools errand. Can anyone recommend one in the few hundred dollar range? I’m not seeing much out there. Thanks!
Audioengine products are on sale now. Google Audioengine and see if any products fit the bill. They are of very good quality.
Appreciate the audio engine suggestions but I don’t see anything with a built in am fm tuner or CD player am I missing something?
Audioengine powered speakers hooked up to a PC or laptop. Download Spotify to replace FM, and play CD’s using the computer's drive.

Once upon a time, Denon and Yamaha had decent ones, but these days you may need to go used.

At the same time, it may be a good idea to get something that has USB input and Bluetooth. It may not seem that way, but he will need it soon.

EDIT: I just saw the link provided a few posts above. USB and Bluetooth on some of them.
Why do people insist on suggesting things the OP has indicated he doesn’t want?  Kudos to those who found some for him!
"Why do people insist on suggesting things the OP has indicated he doesn’t want?"
Maybe to spare him from asking very similar question in a year. 9-year-olds grow quickly.
Pair a Yamaha CRX-N470 with a pair of PSB P5 or whatever other reasonably efficient bookshelves you want to use and you have a killer little shelf system.

Probably more than a few hundred but it'll last the test of time.

Pretty sure Denon still has a nice little shelf system as well.
Look for an Arcam Mini-Solo.  Checks all boxes except for HD radio.  I've owned several of these and they really are sweet.
If you can forgo the CD, look at Geneva Labs radios.  Some of the Models have DAB radio, FM, Bluetooth and more.  If you look on ebay for the older models, I think the model S and a few others had CD players built in.