Any good right angle power cables?

Im looking for a high quality power cable for a Yamaha ysp-5600 soundbar. I a/b tested with a few different types of Shunyata cables on the soundbar and heard an obvious difference and want to upgrade, but the power cable sticks out and wife wont have it. Any good cables that are angled without an adapter (would rather invest money toward cable than an adapter)? If not... are there any adapters that are recommended? On that note...any power cables recommended for this sound bar?
Depending on budget, I think most companies would accomadate a special order. Years ago I had one made at Cardas, it was on the outlet (male) end but they would surely have a remain IEC as well.
Budget is $200-$500. So basically start emailing companies if they can special order it?
I had the same problem recently. 
I contacted AQ,( I bought some of their Thunder PC's, and boy are they stiff), they said if the right angle connector is just hard wired, then there should be no sound degradation. ( I also asked why they don't offer cables that can be adjusted to suit the situation, but it seems like something they aren't interested in).
I, too, hate cludgy, afterthought compromises, but it seems that equipment manufacturers aren't interested that when aftermarket cables are used, they are so stiff and unwieldy that they are practically unusable unless you get a right angle adapter.
I bought some from Amazon and AQ, and splurged on some Voodoo Cable ($75 bucks, sheesh), but I was impressed that they offer great customer service, and the connectors can be altered with a few minor adjustments should you need to re-configure.
I can't tell you if the right angle adapters diminish sound quality, but they at least let me connect my equipment without having cords sticking out like a monkeys a**hole.
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I second the idea above regarding purchasing a ninety-degree adapter and then plugging in your straight power cord?
I purchased a Voodoo 90 degree adaptor and just connected it to a straight power cord. It worked great.
I had a ysp-1 for 13 years that finally died and I replaced it with the ysp 5600 yesterday and the power outlet is on the opposite side! I screwed myself burying all the cords and cables in the wall and only routing to 1 side. I guess I could cut the female end off the buried cord and male end of the new cord and hardwire them together, or I could take the mantle apart and run the new cord down the other side.rats.
Furutech angled connector, I use em
Any angled adapter will do. The distance is so short it will not have any negative effect on your power cord. I have used expensive adapters and cheap adapters and I could not hear or see any difference between the two. Save your money for some other future upgrade that will make a difference. Just purchase a generic 90-degree adapter.