Any good Receivers with active HDMI plugs?

I am looking to buy my first Plasma TV in the next few months. One problem I see is my current receiver does not have a HDMI plug. I currently have a Yamaha RX-V2300 which has been very good for watching movies. I would perfer the sound of say Marantz for stereo though. But my system is used for movies 90% of the time.

Anyway, I was told to be very careful to not buy a Receiver that has a pass through HDMI Port, but instead an active one. Any suggestions on what I should look into? I really will not consider a Receiver below the Yamaha, Denon, Marantz level... Only those or better quality.

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HDMI has this 'handshake' thing going on whereby the studios are trying to prevent you from feeding the best picture to a medium that can rip them off by recording it. There are plenty of devides that will allow you to pass the handshake all the way to your plazma, usually an A/V unit.

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Get one of the newer Denon receivers and don't look back. The 3806 or 4306 are fantastic units for the money. They have everything you will ever need in a receiver and are quite reasonably priced for the performance they offer.

Yamaha RXV-2700
Thanks.... Seems at least price wise my choices are as follows...

Yamaha rx-v2700 (lowest)
Denon 3806 or 4306 (middle)
Arcam avr-350 (highest)

I have never heard Arcam, but have heard good things. I own a Yamaha so I already know they are great for movies, and decent at music. I have tested Denon, and felt they were very good receivers, just kind of middle of the road. Nothing spectacular, but nothing bad.

I just wonder if the extra 1K or so is worth it to try out an Arcam.