Any good moderately priced bluray players?

Hi everybody,

I'm in the market for a moderately priced bluray player. I don't need 3D buy I do want a player that has streaming services like Netflix and Pandora.

It will be used for movies in the family room with my main two channel system. I don't really need multi channel analog outputs since the main system is two channel only.
Good picture quality and good contruction are the main criteria.

I'm sure people will recommend Oppo. The question is are there any good quality players between the big box store $79 players and Oppo's $500 player? What's available around $250-300, and are they much better than entry level?

Thanks in advance

I just bought a Sony BDP-S790 and LOVE it! Sells for around $200. Has dual core processor, 4K upscaling and full wi-fi streaming.
Just read an excellent review on Home Theater magazine about this Blu-ray player, only $150.00 on sale now for $100.00
Panasonic DMP-BDT220 Integrated Wi-Fi 3D Blu-ray DVD Player with Netflix, Pandora +
Bought it for my sons.
I have an Onkyo BDSP-309 ($212 MSRP) installed in the family room system for watching movies and streaming video. The sound runs through an Onkyo TXNR-609 receiverto Monitor Audio speakers.

Music is supplied through a Sonos box. but that is used rarely.

Picture looks fine to me and it works reliably, with an easy to use interface.
I don't know if this is important to you or not, but please be aware. One of the problems with new budget to even mid level players is a lack of even 2 channel analog outputs. They are HDMI only. You mentioned you want to use it in a 2 channel system, so most likely you will be confined to audio via HDMI into whatever hub you are using.

In my system, the Blu-ray player doubles as my CD player but I only listen to CD's via 2 channel analog into a 2 channel analog preamp. These RCA analog outputs were a must. The HDMI cable goes into the AVR for when I am watching video discs or listening to SACDs. Thats a nice thing about the Oppo's or higher priced players - full set of connections. Good luck.
I second the Sony selection...had one before I went with Oppo...The Sony did me right for it also played my SACD and DVD Audio discs too..
The Sony mentioned does NOT do DVD-Audio discs unless you're willing to settle for lossy DTS or Dolby Digital. It absolutely will NOT decode the lossless audio portions of a DVD-Audio disc. - only DTS and Dolby Digital.

Find an Oppo BDP-80 and you will have everything you need, INCLUDING true lossless decoding of DVD-Audio discs.

I have the Panny BDT-210 in my bedroom system, and it has been great. The picture is great into my 50" plasma, and since I use the HDMI connection into my Yamaha receiver, the sound would be the same with any BD player. One really cool thing about this Panny is that my router is way on the other side of the house, and I am streaming Amazon Prime movies and TV with no problem. I think I paid about $130 for it.

If you do want to play SACD or DVD-Audio, you will have to pay more to get a Oppo or Denon.
If you don't need DVD-A a Sony $100.00 player will stupefy you with it's price/performance. I have two of them.
Thanks for all the ideas. I think I will look at one of the Sonys or Panasonics.

My main system includes a Linn Unidisk-SC which plays pretty much everything except Bluray and has digital inputs.

I plan to connect the Bluray player to the tv with HDMI and a digital connection to the Unidisk. Sounds like much more than the $100-150 Sony is overkill.

The older Oppos are attractive but they don't do any of the streaming stuff. I also don't really need to pay a lot for better two channel analog outs.

Thanks again

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