any good mat for a rega p9?

hello, i am looking to buy a very good mat for my rega p9, any recommendation? thanks.-
I use Herbie's mat on my P9 - - sounds great - -less static build up (and no felt residue) than with the stock Rega mat.
I use the Herbie's as well. When it gets dusty, clean it with a (clean) lint roller.
He is terrific. Excellent products and service.
what about the harmonix mat? any good?
I have a Living Voice "Mystic Mat" on my fully upgraded Rega P25 and love it. These are really expensive, but IMHO worth it.
Funk mats are supposed to work well w Regas
I have a P7 and have tried various mats. I have not tried the Herbies. I went back to the Rega felt mat. My biggest concern was getting a mat the same thickness as the felt mat due to VTA non-adjustment on the Rega.
I'm also using a Herbie's Mat with my Rega P9. The thickness does not have to be an issue since they are available in different thicknesses. You can call and talk with Steve and he'll send you the correct mat. It did not affect my VTA on the P9. Using it with a Lyra cartridge. Level, to a bit low on the rear of the arm seems to do it.

Also, I just noticed that the web site is recommending the "grungebuster" specifically for the P-9. That's new from a year ago when I bought.

Steve also offers a 90 day no-risk trial on his products and a lifetime warranty.

Good luck...
Herbie's "Way Excellent II" mat works wonders on my Rega P3-24. To my ears, a very noticeable improvement over the Rega felt. A great "bang for the buck" tweak, and I believe there's a trial period, so you've got nothing to loose. Good Luck, and Happy Listening.
I'm using Origin Live Performance mat on my P9 with great result.
I am also using the HerbieĀ“s Lab Mat in my Rega P9. The sound improvement in my case was just amazing. Better details, transparency, tigher bass...and it looks really better than the origal one.
Anybody used the German Millenium Mat on a P9 before?
I am using the Living Voice Mystic Mat on my Rega P9. The improvement over the standard felt mat was immediately apparent
I just traded my P7 for a P9 - my OEM mat is out-of-round. Visually disturbing. I will give a Herbie's mat a try.
I am trying the grungebuster and so far I am happy with the outcome - a bit expensive though.