Any good high end shops in Indianapolis?

75 yo friend on Kauai needs to replace her amp setup with an integrated to run Gallo 3.1s. i have sent her feedback from some other postings about this. Now she needs to go to the Mainland for personal reasons to the Gary, IN area. She asked if I knew of any high end shops in Indy. She is wanting to hear what she buys and figures if she hears something she likes, even if a bit more costly, she will know what she is getting. SO, any shops you can recommend where they have demos and wont be jerks to a 75 yo lady?
She will be closer to Chicago.  Google audio stores in Indy and Chicago. I know Ovation and Audio Solutions are in Indianapolis. 
Yes, Chicago much closer. Music Direct has a high-end listening room. 
Sorry she has to go to Gary. 
    Here's another, in downtown Indy:

     I noticed some Futterman/NYAL product, stashed in a cubbyhole, that intrigued me.   However: it's been a few years.

      Extraordinary listening environment; in a huge, reconstructed cathedral.

      Highly opinionated, of course!
Midwest Audio (jason) in Indiana, Audio Archon (chicago), and Hi-Fi Heaven (green bay)
If she goes to Chicago, she really should go see Mick and Patrick at Quintessence Audio in Morton Grove.  Great audio store and really great people.   (no affiliation)
Thx all for the feedback. While she used to live in Chcago for some reason she is more attuned to Indy. I think she has a brother who lives up that way so she is probably looking to combine reasons to go that way. She is also used to driving on rural Kauai and my sense was she didnt feel comfortable with the situation there. Neither my wife nor I are going with her on this trip otherwise we would drive into Chicago but she is on her own. 
Gary is only half an hour from Chciago downtown, Indy is at least 2 and a half hours away. Also, I think she has more options in Chicago to visit. Besides, the two places already mentioned above, there is Superior Audio Systems, Pro Musica, Decibel Audio. Further away out from Chicago, Holm Audio in Woodridge, Simply Stereo in Palatine and Audio Experience in Vernon Hill.
Audio Solutions in Broad Ripple is awesome. Great people to work with. You can grab a beer at Conner’s across the street when you seal a deal….or go before if you need some lube to extricate the Benjamins from your wallet.
I've only ordered online from Music Direct, but they stock some top shelf stuff as well as stuff that delivers value at  a lower price point. Always gave me a reasonably good vibe dealing with them. Never had to return anything. If they have a listening room as described above, that would probably be a good start. 

As far as driving into Chicago, it ain't going to be rural Kauai, that's for sure. Better weather-wise to go in summer.

I lived in South Bend, Indiana for three years. Best advice on driving to Chicago from Indiana: other than the nice-ish South Chicago suburb of Orland Park, keep driving north.  When you think you've gone far enough north, drive 5 more miles. Ten is even better. You see exit signs for Evanston, you should be OK.  Slight exagerration, but not much. Lincoln Park (or is it Linkin Park :) ) area seemed OK, and  parts of downtown also fine to walk in, but I don't recall seeing many stereo shops, and parking is  a challenge in both areas.  

Also, if I had to visit Gary, I'd  take a German Shepherd or two, or maybe a Rottweiller. Famous for the Jacksons and street crime. 

Try Albert Sportis at Precision Audio and Video in Chicago.  I purchased two REL subs on the phone and I not only saved some money but the experience was just terrific.  He is someone to trust.  Tell him I sent you.
Audio solutions.  See Victor, I bough a beautiful McIntosh amplifier from him. 
Thanks for all the feedback. She has relatives near Indy so that is part of the draw. She actually grew up in Gary and apparently it had a nicer area that was at that point all white and others that were mixed. She goes back pretty often so I guess she is perfectly comfortable there and says it is all a matter of knowing your neighborhoods. She knows Chicago very well too just no longer has family there. I think a nephew or bother is going to drive her as she is used to nice, quiet backroads now....she has pretty good ears so I think hearing whatever she likes makes sense. She listens to lots of classical, jazz and local Hawaiian pop.  She also can surprise so she may come back with a much higher end unit than expected. Again ALoha and Mahalo to all commenters.