Any good gear made in Taiwan?

Are there any respectable high end pieces manufactured in Taiwan? I know they do a huge amount of OEM outsourceing and there have long been rumors about some of the biggest names, especially in speaker building. Anybody know anything for sure?
Marsh amps are made in Taiwan and a lot of folks like them.
For many years, Adcom's products were assembled in Taiwan, until Adcom moved its production facilities to mainland China a few years ago. I think Rotel products are also manufactured in Taiwan (or possibly Singapore).
Parasound gear is made there. Their new JC1 mono amps designed as cost no object by the CTC crew are supposed to be incredible. All your RAM and pretty much any technical component in your computer is made there. There's also a well-received speaker brand, usher audio I think, that's there...I'd take ISO9000 CNC-machine, automated equipment any do over your run of the mill in the garage with the soldering kit starting my own audio company tube gear...
Thanks for the info. I thought Marsh amps were made in Thailand.

Anyone else?
Entry level YBA (Audio Refinement) is I believe manufactured in France & assembled for sure in Taiwan.
Very nice stuff, IMO.

My Marsh is packed up in the box, otherwise i could verify. Thailand sounds right, but i might be mistaken. It wouldn't be the first time either : ) Sean
Oops! I guess I was wrong
Classicjazz brought an intersting point, any gear using fancy semiconductors needs the right assembly line/equipment
the packaging technology on new IC's puts it out of reach for the garage operations to assemble. I don't think that applies to amplifiers so much as they tend to be less IC and more Discrete components oriented. BTW a lot of manufacturers use really cheap labor and if I had to choose between north american cheap labor vs. Taiwanese I think I would pick Taiwanese...