Any good experience in discovering new music via TV or movie recently ?

My favorites are Micatone at Imposters’, Willie Dixon at Ginger Ale Afternoon, Meiko Kaji at Kill Bill, The Lively Ones at Pulp Fiction.....
I recently watched the 1961 film "Paris Blues" with Paul Newman and Sidney Poitier.  Fantastic jazz soundtrack!
+ 1 on American Utopia. I was also impressed by a recent feature that CBS Saturday Morning did on Michael Kiwanuka.
Something recent which is full of great music is The Good Lord Bird ,worth watching also.Quentin Tarantino always has great music with my favourite being the scene in Death Proof with the great Lieber and Stoller song"Down In Mexico" sung by the Drifters(its a rerecord of the 1957 original done in 1973).Possibly my favourite Kurt Russell film.