Any good cdp with digital inputs

Please recommend me a good cd player with digital inputs either used OR new. I want to use it as a stand alone cd player and also use my Squezeebox 3 output feeding the internal dac of the cd player. This way I can have the best of both but the dac section of the cdp needs to be very very good.
Thank you
The top of the line Quad.
Quad CDP-2, Excellent sound at a resonable price.
Sure. There is the Resolution Audio Opus 21 which has a single digital input. There is also the Quad 99 CDP or 99 CDP2, which have 6 digital inputs. I currently own the Opus 21 and it is a great player. I've also previously owned the Quad 99 CDP and 99 CDP2, but didn't own them at the same time. I enjoyed the Quad 99 CDP more than the CDP-2, but my system wasn't the same at the time, so it may have been system dependent. Oh, and the RA Opus 21 and the Quad all have good variable volume control, so you can connect them directly to a power amp, thus saving money on a pre-amp and saving shelf space.


Wadia made digital inputs optional on some of their players (830, 850,860 and later models), and probably do so now.
Cary 306 SACD...I use this with my Sonos digital music system...sounds great.
And the Aero Audio cdp's (at least the Capitole models). My 24/192 Capitole has 6 digital inputs.
I've heard that the volume control on the Quad player isn't all that good sonically. You may want to not throw away your preamp yet...
Can the Quad volume control be completely bypassed?
Check out some of Accuphase players.
There are at least two other recent archived threads on this same topic. This seems to be a growing area of interest among audiophiles looking to incorporate other digital sources into their systems while controlling the proliferation of boxes. Manufacturers concerned about obsolesence of the traditional CDP ought to respond accordingly and offer more players that perform double duty as superior external DACs with multiple selectable inputs.
Amen to that! Anyone designing a new CDP for the high end today that does not have a digital input is a fool.
Why not get a reliable inexpensive transport and a reclocking DAC with multiple inputs. I'm thinking something like a basic Marantz CD5001 player with a Lavry DAC.
Hmm, how much is that Lavry? the separate player/transport, plus another digital interconnect, plus another power cord, plus another shelf space taken up, plus another outlet taken up on the power conditioner...And all that just at the same time many audiophiles are adding various new boxes in the form of digital recorders/ADCs/servers/wireless hubs...I think a bit of consolidation begins to make sense for a lot of audiophiles.

If one box can handle all the silver disk formats for playback and serve as the audiophile DAC of the bunch for multiple sampling rates, that seems helpful. What increasingly doesn't make a lot of sense anymore is to have a separate box serving solely as a Red Book transport or player when you have these other sources you'd like to incorporate, in many cases with upgraded external analog conversion if possible. Since most audiophiles still have reasons for not going with preamps that are also DACs (and therefore there aren't and won't be too many of those on the market), and most traditional high end digital firms seem to be slow to move in the direction of the emerging music-server/network-enabled paradigm, the audiophile disk player seems the most logical and also easiest candidate to expand its duties within the traditional high end system context.

Several high end firms have already gone this route with their CDPs (while many still haven't), and many more have come out with so-called universal players that are capabable of handling multiple sampling rates yet still lack input facilities, but more audiophile companies need to integrate those two approaches, with the option of omitting video and multi-channel capabilities to keep it all relatively afforable and focused on the traditional high end 2-channel system and software, which it's clear ain't going away anytime soon.
I have a Quad CDP-2 which I have owned for about a year. When I went to Squeezebox a few months ago, I figured I would sell the Quad and put it up on Agon. Had it sold and then it fell through and I withdrew the ad and rethought my options. I then started using the Quad as a DAC and realized several sonic benefits, including a more 'rounded' sound, greater depth and a reduction of the slight digital glare that remained in the system. So there it sits right now, but I would look at it and wonder if I should sell it and get a standalone DAC with that money, as the transport is barely ever used.

But- a few days ago, my wireless router died, so I had no SB3 tunes to play until I bought a new one. Fired up the transport on the Quad and was rockin' again. So maybe it's not so useless after all!

Sonically, the Quad is quite the bargain. In my memory, it is on par with the CEC TL51-Z I owned a few years ago (which was ergonomically annoying, what with the slider, clamp and all), and eclipses all other players I have tried, including the famed but flawed Jolida JD100 (yes, with blackplate 5751s, etc). (Note that I have not tried the big-buck machines though; I cannot justify paying that much for a technology that seems to still be in an evolutionary stage).

Finally, I can experiment with either integrateds or power amps, due to the variable output option. Which, btw, is not bad at all - I haven't done a very strict A-B but I haven't felt any obvious deterioration of sound when using the variable outs (at any level) vs fixed outputs. (The Quad has a set of each).

Sounds like an ad, doesn't it? Well, she's not for sale, for now at least. For my modest investment I got four darn good units - transport (it even has digital out), DAC, integrated CDP, and digital preamp, all with a very good remote control. When I bought this new from the dealer he told me that if Quad had used a full-sized case and a fancier faceplate, it could easily be marketed at $3K. Although I shrugged this off as salesmanship at the time, I now understand and agree.

My unit has been trouble-free, btw. It is an original CDP-2 and not an upgrade to '2' status, which I understand has had its share of problems.
Cambridge Audio's 840C has two sets of digital inputs, with Anagram Technologies 24 bit/384kHz DACs.
The Mark Levinson 390S would work. It has two inputs and an excellent volume control.
Audio Aero Prestige se: player/dac and pre and sacd for extra measure.--Like that spaghetti add: "It's (all)in there"
I posed this question in the Reference DACS forum without getting much of a response (I added the requirement that it be a SACD/CD player with digital inputs). I'm wondering if manufactuers are about to get wise to the need for digital inputs and the next generation of high-end players will not only have digital inputs, but one input will be for USB. If so, it makes you wonder how smart it would be to invest $10k+ in one of the current generation players with this change possibly on the horizon.