Any good budget stereo cabinets?

I'm setting up a listening room in my office. Blew all of my budget on speakers, amp and LP's. Also, there's a good chance I'll be moving soon so I don't want to spend more than $200-300 on a stereo cabinet right now.

Looking for something fairly low profile since the room's not huge. The cabinet will need to sit between the speakers, so something that won't hurd the imaging much.

Needs to hold my McIntosh MAC6700 receiver, turntable and cd player.

Any suggestions?
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Check out,they have stereo cabinets in your price range.
Look for this at

Chairsides End Table
by Progressive Furniture Inc.

You can see it in my semi-vintage system. Very sturdy, with a little pull out shelf. I turned it sideways. $133 incl. shipping.
My favorite manufacturer for budget stereo cabinets is StudioTech.

They also have good customer service too IMO.
There is an Ikea line people often talk about. I am not an Ikea person so do not know the details. A search might find the name.
More than your budget, Bgupton but not crazy expensive either ($525). Check out the Hammary Mid-tone Cherry Nuance entertainment console.