Any good bi-wire speaker cable (used)..

..or double run, for $150? Any suggestions are appreciated!
For around $200 you can get a new pair of close out 1999 MIT Terminator 2 Bi-Wire at AudioAdvisor. Or check eBay for used.
AudioQuest Type 6 or Indigo. Also, if your system seems more laid back than you prefer, Kimber 4TC.
I have a 8' pair of Analysis Plus 12 bi-wire setting around unused if you can stretch your budget a little. Don't think you could do much better for the price.
Zodiac I just tried to email you, but it bounced undeliverable. AGon doesn't like for us to plug our for-sale's on the chat's, but here ya go, since I tried the 'right way' which failed. I have a 20' pair of used good condition Audioquest Crystal 2 biwire shotgun with spades available presently. List new was ~$560 (I think - would have to verify the exact figure) I was asking $275 before A.Q. recently updated their whole product line. No takers, so I'm willing to deal if you wish to make any reasonable offer I'll consider. You should have posted your request under the free "wanted" ads (maybe you've done that I dunno?) might get more responsesÂ… good luck
Kevperro, Bob..Thanks, i allready have a Mit-2 lined up from AudioAdvisor, it is more than i was ready to spend, but i'll audition them for 30 days! Also, i have a problem with my e-mails, i,ve been sending E-mails, and nobody is receiving any writing...just a blank page! But thanks anyway, i'll check into MIT, first!
No problem, sorry about the plug Agon!! I'll watch my step.
Discovery 1 2 3! I am in process of purchasing one pair, for myself. E-mail me for details, If interested, of course?
Eh, i didn't got Mit...never mind!