Any good audio stores in Scottsdale?

Heading out there for a few days may get a few minutes to sneak off. Any decent stores?



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Yeah a few yrs back had a conversation with USA Tube Audio...very rude never did business with them.

LMC is a high-quality, high end store on Scottsdale Road. "Best of everything" gear. You’ll get good service if you arrive in an Aston-Martin. Be sure to bring your credit cards...all of them!

If you have interest in tube and analog gear, I recommend Az Hi Fi in Phoenix.  Not too far from Scottsdale.  They are just off the northwest corner of Central Avenue and Camelback road.  They are not high pressure and welcome walk-ins.  

Acoustic Design Group off 78th and Frank Lloyd Wright. Numerous listening rooms and lots of great gear; Focal Grand Utopias. Ask for Don he is very helpful.


And if you don’t have an Aston-Martin… you can can buy one of those in Scottsdale too lol

Arizona HiFi about 20 mins. Down the road. Best regards to Glen and Bill from Nick in Va.!

USA Tube Audio always seems closed whenever I’m in the area. Arizona Hi-Fi is wonderful. Big Ear Stereo in Tempe is unpretentious and knowledgeable. 

The poster asked for shops in Scottsdale, but I concur that AZ Hi-Fi is your best bet. Glen and Bill are far more down to earth than the folks at LMC. USA Tube is also a good store, but they always seem to be closed when I’m in town.

FYI, I think the Aston-Martin dealer is just across the street from USA Tube.

Dedicated Audio.

I've never actually been in their store. But I bought a phono preamp from Daniel last year and the customer service was some of the best I have ever experienced. If he were closer I'd definitely be giving him more walk in business.