Any good Audio stores in and around Portland?

Planning trip to Oregon and want to take in some Audio retailers. If any one can help or send contact info it would be much appreciated .
Thanks, Rugyboogie
Echo Audio (pre-owned high end) - Talk to Kurt ... great guy. I do 99% of my local buisness with him. (

Pearl Audio - Very nice store, McIntosh-mania (

Stereotypes Audio - Intersting little hole in the wall. Very nice and helpful. Proac, Sim Audio, JM Labs

Head downtown, spend some time with Kurt ... walk a couple of blocks up to Powell books, then up to Bridgeport brewpub for a couple of pints of the best beer in the world and then down to Jimmy Maks for some fantastic live Jazz. Ask for Satina and tell her Mikey sent ya. You will ether get a free pint or a slap in the face. You dont even need to take a car - just walk.

Jimmy Mak's -

That's my take ... Hey Mitchchavis, did I miss anything?

Mitch is the man ...

PS - Bring your skis ...
The Audio Gallery (503-699-8888,Lake Oswego), Echo Audio (503-223-2292), Stereotypes (503-280-0910), Pearl Audio/Video (503-222-2599), Chambers Audio (503-221-0465) and Stereoholic ( both (appointment only).
stereotypes on broadway
Many, many, Echo Audio for used. Fred's Sound of Music, Stereotypes, Pearl Audio, The Audio Gallery. That's just scratching the surface. Contact me off board and I will give you my phone number so you can call em when you are in town. I dragged Pat(Lugnut) and Barb around from used audio store to used record store when they were in town a year ago.
Hey, Mike aka Horseface, I think you and Marty covered it pretty well. I would definately put Echo and Pearl on my must see list. Kurt and John are gonna have to put us on the payroll. If you can head South about 10 miles go to The Audio Gallery. The owners are very much into this hobby and will be happy to show you around the store. I agree with Fred's and Stereotypes as well. There's lots of entertainment spots that Horseface covered pretty well.

Take Marty up on his offer. He lives downtown plus he's a very entertaining guy. Just check his threads.

Echo Hifi is a must see, Kurt is a fine ambassador of the hobby. The Audio Gallery is far and away the nicest stereo shop in town, just gorgeous!
Thanks to all that took time to answer and provide the great info. I will look up all of the stores that have been suggested. I will contact you before I head down to Portland.
Again thanks for the help.
Jeez, you guys are killing me... planning a trip back home soon to Portland...

All the mention of the high end audio stores, local brew pubs, Powell's and Jimmy Maks...


(Don't forget to visit the local coffee places too... far better than Starbucks - I recommend the Coffee People chain).
Thanks guys. I live in Eugene and though I have the excellent Bradford's here I will be sure to check out these stores on my next trip north.
Coffee people was purchased by Starbucks and most stores have been closed. Try Stumptown.
I would recommend Echo Audio.