Any good audio book suggestions ???

I just stumbled across an older book that i've seen mentioned in several places. It is called "Good Sound" by Laura Dearborn. I am about halfway through it and find it interesting. While a lot of it is a refresher course, i have picked up some good yet basic tips. Quite honestly, i have seen other "audio guru's" and "reviewers" steal quotes and passages from this book without ever acknowledging where they got them from. It is not that far off from Robert Harley's "Complete Guide to Hi-End Audio", but this was written about 6 years prior. It also takes for granted that you are already in the hobby and have some exposure to various high end brand names.

Unlike some writers, Miss Dearborn is not afraid to single out brand names for recognition or shaming. Laura does a pretty good job of summing things up, but a lot of the "factual information" that she provides boils down to personal opinion. She does a sizable amount of name dropping throughout to get her point across. Calling on the likes of Harry Pearson, J. Gordon Holt, Peter Moncrieff along with quite a few industry professionals at least makes it appear to be well researched info. I would recommend picking this book up and checking it out with the obligatory "read between the lines" caution. I would also ad that BIG fans of digital may not like what she has to say about comparisons to analogue based systems. Then again, this was written almost 15 years ago, so some things have changed. Digital has obviously made BIG advances since then.

Another good source for those that want to read up on acoustics, room treatments, speaker placement, etc... are the books written by F. Alton Everest. These can get pretty technical, but include a WEALTH of info. Some of his books overlap quite a bit of information but are worth re-reading.

Vance Dickason's "Loudspeaker Design Cookbook" is also a wealth of knowledge. Not only can you learn how speakers work, you can see how to design them for yourself. Knowing the "inside information" that this book teaches you can help you weed through various designs without ever hearing them. You'll know at a glance whether the designer knew what he was doing. Tell tale signs are if something is "wrong" with the cabinet design, how the drivers are spaced out or placed on the baffle, etc...

I picked up a few other books recently but can't pass judgment as i have not read them yet. Keep in mind that many places such as Amazon, etc... can special order these or others that you might be interested in. If you would like to check them out to see if they are worth buying, you might be able to go to your local library. Many libraries share books with nearby communities, so you might be able to request it if your local branch doesn't have it in stock.

Anybody have any suggestions about other good audio based books ? Please refrain from suggesting articles in Playboy about "hi-fi". Given Tim's previous profession, i figured i'd cut him off before he went there.... : ) Sean
You'll have heard this before from me, Sean. But for others who maybe haven't, my acoustics bible is F. Alton Everest's "Sound Studio Construction on a Budget", and his "Master Handbook of Acoustics", 4th edition, should be as useful. Then there's Bob Harley's guide to high end audio, whatever precisely it's called. I'd rank him high in trustworthiness as a reviewer, and this book covers a lot of ground well.
Hi Sean; I've read them both. IMO, if you're into LPs/analog, you'll love Laura Dearborn's book (but it's badly dated re digital as Sean suggests). But if you're into digital (like me), or just looking for advice on a broader range of high end "interests", Robert Harley's "Complete Guide to High End Audio", 2nd Ed. is a much better choice. Cheers. Craig
"Guide To High End Audio" by Robert Harley
Does anyone have a favorite publication on analog / turntable, cartridge & arm setup? Some once one told me about a handy small-ish booklet called "how to set up a turntable" but he didn't remember the author. Does Harley's book go into sufficient detail on the subject or should I consider alternatives? Any suggestions are appreciated - thanks.
Bob-The author is George Merrill
sean: notwithstanding your admonition to tim, i suggest you read "high fidelity" by nick hornby. it's a novel that i think might be ultimately more instructive about our hobby than some, maybe all, of the standard texts. of course, you can also view the dvd of the movie of the same name; it's also a great treat, starring john cusack, with over-the-top support from jack black, among others. -cfb
Sean-There ain't nothin' previous about the job, gotta pay those bills, and I need a new set of Avalons! I need to work some over time, only in America can one have a job like this! :) Though I find the audio articles in Swank to be better then Playboy, to each his/her own.

Onto matters that relate to the thread, though not about audio directly I highly recomend Tao De Ching by Lao Tzu, will give you a new outlook of the goals of your system. Maybe only 90 pages, but I have been reading it for the last 4 years!
My favorite is the Master handbook of acoustics mentioned above but I also got my hands on an old tweeter training manual and I have to admit the information it had was suprisingly indepth. Now if the salesman would just actually read it....
Dickason's Cookbook on Speakers gets a second nomination. It's a must and the new 6th edition is the best 35 bucks you can spend on the subject, IMHO. Menno Van der Veens' "Modern High End Valve Amplifiers" if you like tubes.
Radiotron Designer Handbook, 4th Ed. Langford-Smith

Audio Reality By Bruce Rozenblit
These books are all worth a read. Not the usual recommended hi-fi fare but solid scientific stuff. Borrow from the public library as some are pretty expensive. But read it you must to clear your mind of some hi-fi fads and nonsense.

Studio Monitoring Design - Philip Newell(Focal Press)

Fundamentals of Musical Acoustic- Arthur H Benade(Dover Publications)

Stereo Microphone Techniques - Bruce Bartlett(Focal Press)

Spatial Hearing - Jens Blauert(MIT Press)

The Home Theater Companion -Howard Ferstler (Schirmer Books)

Great Sound Stereo Manual -Weems(McGraw Hill)

Handbook for Sound Engineers - Ballou (Sams)