Any good and cheap CD racks?

Any sugestion for good and cheap CD racks that hold 1000 CDs?
Thx for the help.
I have a Boltz. It is good and cheap. I bought a factory blemish off their wesite for about 20% off. The "blemishes" do not look bad; looks like ordinary wear after a couple of months (in my house).

One issue you need to consider though. If you are not careful taking the CD's in and out of the rack, or if you do not have a section full all the way across (and the sliding keeper bar is not engaged), the Cd's will fall sideways. If they fall sideways, about half the time they will also fall all the way to the floor, out the back of the rack. This means in addition to owning this rack, you may also need to have a supply of jewel cases. But only if you are not careful (like me) and cannot fill the entire rack.

Hope that helps.
This will sound crazy,
Sony Cdp-CX400 Megachanger $249
Think of it as an electronic filing cabinet, you can link up two of them to store 800 cd's. Check out the Wes Philps review under featured products @
It works out to 62 cents a cd.
Yes of cousre I pop my cd's into the transport for critical listneing but for background I run it through the toslink into my Bel Canto Dac.
You are right Chelillingworth, it does sound crazy. Just curiosity, what do you do with the jewel cases?, liner notes?
Maybe you can sell the jewel cases to Chstob.
Afte looking at many types that didn't fill the bill, I found a couple of Auvicase on sale at a Dollar store for $20 each. Think they retailed for $35-40. Must be like the Boltz(?) because they have the same problem. However, mine are black engineered-wood-like vertical slats with aluminum rods for the "shelves". Hold about 250 CDs - look techie - 5 "shelves" high. Also make wood tone. Called FloorRack. Auvicase America, Inc. (909)594-2348. :)
I went to Wall Mart and bought six wooden CD racks. Next, I bought a 4 X 8 sheet of 3/4 inch plywood and screwed the
CD racks on to it. This holds about 1200 CD's. Naturally,
make sure to secure the plywood so I won't come tumbling down.
IKEA sell a wooden unfinished cd rack that holds over 1000 cds (in their cases) for around $100. All I did was stain it.
If you or a loved one have a table saw with a dado blade you can make a great rack. Get 1x12 oak at a home supply and cut 1/2" dadoes (grooves), 1/4" deep across it leaving 1/4 or 3/8 between each pass. Now rip the board into 2- 5 1/4" by whatever length you used pieces. Because you cut the dadoes for top and bottom at the same time, the dadoes will exactly match. Nail or screw a 5" wide piece at each end. Oh yeah, don't forget to put a plywood or masonite back on it.This gives you a box that securely holds as many CD's as you make boxes for. Stain'm, wax'm and stack'm.
Regards, martha stewart
great advices, u guys crack me up
I put the liner noets in folios that I got from cd gear. The jewel cases that's what everyone wants to know where are the jewel cases.....There in a boxin my closet where my cat can't find them.
Tree Designs has about the best deal going on high quality, minimal assembly racks. They're solid oak, or poplar for slightly less, and the prices are better than Boltz. I have a 250 cap. one in black that's very solid. And the WAF requires that it not be industrial looking.

Looks like their website is back up and running (it was down for a while) at:

As an aside, I just got the new AA catalog and can't believe that Salamander wants $500 for their new line of media racks. Geez, they must've put millions into R&D or something.
I have the Boltz CD 330. I love it. Inexpensive ($139), compact and can be expanded. Getting ready to order another one. Outstanding customer service -- ordered it and received it the next day! (Boltz is in San Diego, I'm in L.A.) I have not had any of the problems indicated in an earlier post regarding removal of CD's -- mine don't fall out and don;t require any special handling -- I'm not sure what's up with that. I do, however, need jewel boxes as many were damaged in a recent move.
Jim: "Out of the Closet" on Sawtelle just North of Santa Monica Blvd. had a slew of new jewel cases for 25 cents each, last week. I purchased a bunch at "Fries" (sp) when I was out in the valley picking up a pair of Target stands and paid approx. 50 cents each, so didn't need them at the time. They also had a bunch of old film processing machines (at the thrift store) that contained a mono 6V6 based power amp in each unit, but none of them matched exactly (for a pair of mono blocks) so I passed on them as well. Might be fun for tinkering though.
Thanks, Dekay. It just so happens I'll be roaming Sawtelle tomorrow stocking up on Japanese foodstuff. You've got to love that sketchy two blocks of Sawtelle north of Santa Monica. Sounds like I might find other things as well.