Any good all wood component racks?

I am tired of looking at ugly metal or composite racks. Without having one built are there any good solid completely wood racks. I must replace the horrendous rooomtunes justarack.
Check out these custom racks. I have one and it's excellent.
I think that you'll find that your system will sound noticeably sharper and more defined if you go to an all wood rack. I know that some people find this kind of statement "goofy" to say the least. I would not have believed it myself if i had not experienced it.

I don't know of anyone that offers a commercially built all wood rack for sale, so you may have to build your own. If that is the case, i would suggest framing it out and NOT securing the shelves down. I did this simply by chance and then later found out that it worked much better. This "revelation" was courtesy of various posts made by Ken and several other regulars here. It was later confirmed when i switched over to a MGD Deluxe Justarack and took a step backwards in performance. Sean
Snook, get one custom built by a cabinet maker nearby. I had a gorgeous rack made of solid oak to my specs for $800. Email me and I'll send you pics to give you an idea. ATB, Jeff
Try Steel uprights but solid shelves. No pressboard and very configurable for upgrades and reconfiguration.
im not sure what you mean by "solid wood" but zoethecus racks are made with solid maple uprights and rails and very good multi-layered composite shelves. they look very good and sound the same.

Hello snook2, I just replaced my justarack with a QS&D rack. They can be found here: Mine is the prv 33 model which is a a/v stand in 3 levels(4 shelves) and each level is spiked. The quality is very nice and nicely priced! Good luck.
This thread is of great interest to me as I am planning on building a 34" turntable stand in the very near future. Wood to be used is solid purpleheart for the structure & shelves with solid maple drawer face and ebony inlay, no mdf for the shelf core. Don't know if this is the way to go or not as mdf may have better suited properties for control of resonances (higher density).

Problem is I want to include a drawer to store the miscellaneous tools, cartridges etc. to reduce clutter. I really haven't seen a rack with drawers and am concerned about resonance vibrations. Design is similar to the zoethecus supplied by cfb but with a drawer under the top. shelf. Any input from anyone on this would be most welcome.
No comment...just want to save this interesting post in my personal page. Happy tunes all!
Tubegroover check out the RACKIT solid oak modular cabinetry & racks from Per Madsen Designs
They have optional drawers available & the stuff is pretty versatile. Per did me a custom job for a large heavy reel to reel machine with good results.
look into zoethecus, isoblue, hutter and russ andrews torlyte

Tubegroover I concur with Bob regarding Per Madsen. Per is a pleasure to deal with and has the heart of a true European craftsman. I started 3 years ago with the system 19 (for 19" rack width components) I would not recommend the standard rackit, it's just not wide enough for most components. The beauty of the rackit system is that it is expandable. Also, as others have metioned, Per's rackit was the only one I found with accessory drawers. I started with just two rack sections and a drawer unit because at the time I only had an integrated and CD. Last month I added 3 more racks and purchased another drawer unit for CD's and I split it into two towers. ONe is a 5 shelf rack (cost about 600 on this one) and the other is a 4 drawer CD storage (2 cases stacked together) They are fine furniture grade and are bullet proof. There is no other product in the industry like Per's If it fit's your style great, because it's the only thing out there like it. Per has been in his SF warehouse since the early 80,s Definitely should check this out.
Re: Rackit

It was my impression that the original poster was enquiring about "good" audio rack systems with the aesthetics of wood.I took it that his definition of "good" was in some way related to maximizing the performance of his system rather than just a means to get his kit off the floor.
Investigating the Rackit site revealed attractive and by all accounts nicely crafted FURNITURE to put audio gear in or on.Nothing more.I would not expect there to be any performance benefit and most likely degradation, esp if purchased with the accessory drawers and casters.

tubegroover: you might wanna' check the great couple of threads redkiwi started re: isolation/shelves. it's wonderful to have beautiful veneers on your shelves but you'll probably be disappointed in the sonics. i'd highly recommend you check out neuance/greater range for the actual shelves on your custom rack. see:

Thanks Kelly. You hit the nail on the head. This is indeed what I'm looking for.

While not entirely made of wood, this German made system looks interesting. Unfortunately I haven't been able to discover anyone who handles it in the US.