Any good $100 DVD players.

Examples of some models people have or are using is what I'm looking for. I'm partial to black components but that does not have to be the only color I will accept.
$100 or $1000?
RCA, Phillips ( magnavox ). Best Buy should carry those brands probably under $100.
Samsung 850,950,Tosh 3960....

I've read lots of good things about the 3 that Usblues mentioned. I think all 3 have been replaced by newer models though.

I have a Sony DVP-NS775V that is not bad. It also has the benefit of SACD playback if you have any desire to try that format. Mine is silver. I don't think this model came in black.

Over the last year or so, I've read lots of post about good sounding and inexpensive models from Samsung, Toshiba and Panasonic. If you do a seach on those names you will probably find some of the post that I read back then. You might also want to look at a couple of other and Both have a "digital" forum with lots of post about inexpensive DVD players. Lots of these post will be concerning mods to these cheap players, but many will also have comments about the players in stock form.


I've got a 6 month old Denon 5 disc carousel I would sell you fro 100.00 plus shipping

I enquired on another forum and got this:

Reading through this and going to some of the links uncovered a good recommendation that my get you everything you want. The Panasonic F-87 is a 5 disc DVD/CD changer that comes in black or silver. Some comments about it basically said it was a fantastic sounding player. The author of the post in the link above is a highly acclaimed manufacturer of DACs and a mod'r of DVD players. He seems to think the Panasonic is a great player. Here is a link to some vendors:


Reubent,you are right about the Panny,Ric at EVS did one for me about 12-15 months ago.Last time I talked to him[12 mo]he quit doing those to do other mods.Maybe he's back at it.It is a great player for the money,100$ plus 300 for his mod...Bob
Look at the Toshiba SD-6915. It is Universal format 5 disc unit that goes for under $100 new off ebay. A user is selling it as Region Free as well. The 6915 has the similar guts to the Samsung HD-841 and HD-950 in the audio departments. It doesnt have DVI or HDMI but component video which can output 1080i upconverted.
Just bought a Sony 5-disk DVD changer with 1080i upsample and HDMI output for $141 at Best Buy.
Four year warranty add $39 (good bet with anything having moving parts).
Harmonic Technology 5 meter HDMI cable for $159.
Can't beat it with a stick...
Thanks all for the replies. I really feel overwhelmed and somewhat embarassed asking for a $100 digital player when here people have or selling such great pieces to upgrade nice systems. I live in a small area with a small selection(only 5 players that interested me) so I'll be traveling to some electronic stores next week to see what I find. Ruebent I'll probably have to make an online purchase if the F87 ends up being my purchase. Meanwhile I'll be duing my DD.