Any GON members ever try Mye stands on MG-20/20.1?

Just ordered a pair of Mye stands for my MG-20's. I really don't know why I did not do this along time ago, since everything I have read on other sites rave about the postive effects of these stands on the sonics of any Magnapan.

So my question is , since I respect the opinion of my fellow GON members, have any of you tired out these stands for your Magnapans, especially MG-20's or 20.1's, and if so please share what your experience has been. Thanks.
I have a set of Grant's black pebble finish stands on my 3.6R's and not only do they look great, but they make a huge diffence in sound. Bass really tightened up dramtically. Mine have brass spikes now connected to my carpet and there in no buzzing from the frames now that they're in the vice grip on the steel frame. Some of the best $400 I've ever spent on this hobby. Grant makes a quality product. Why Magnepan doesn't source them from him and replace those tinny $1.98 stands they provide is beyond me. The added cost would more than be offset by the the incredible upgrade in sound folks would get??? Your 20's won't move after you anchor them to the floor with these babies. If you spent 10-12K on 20.1's, you sure ought to spend another $400 on Grant's stands!!! And get some silver fuses from Hi-Fi Fuses for both panels while you're at it for $35/ea. Enjoy.
Teajay - I added them to my 20.1's with notable improvement in clarity of detail, expecially bass detail. Thoroughly worthwhile.
I can't fit 3.6s or 20s into my listening space, but I do have four 1.7s (quadraphonic).  I fully agree with the benefits discribed by Rootman & Peter so I won't bother with that.  My experience is that I bought a pair of Mye stands for the front channel speakers since 80% of my music comes from the front channels.  The Mye stands worked so well, especially in the bass response department, that where I had a nicely balanced sound front-to-rear, now I had an anemic sounding set of rear speakers which were no match for the fronts - even if I turned up the rear volume.  It just wasn't the same.
Since I don't need/want as much crystal clarity coming from my rear speakers I opted for a set of Sound Anchors for the rear speakers.  The bass oomph and the mid & upper volumes came back into focus, and all is well.
Now, 1.7s are just a little over two grand a pair.  My Mye Stands cost me close to $600 with shipping and a couple of extra holes drilled. That's approx. 30% of the cost of the 1.7s, yet I still consider them to be a bargain.  
If you can afford to add a pair of Mye Stands to your Maggie's - do it!  If you don't think you'll have an extra $400 - $600 to spend, at least get the Sound Anchors.
You'll be in for a very pleasant surprise.

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