Any Goldmund Linear arm Turntable experts out there?

I have a Goldmund ST4 working and a T3F in process.  One major stumbling point is the T3F has the counter weight missing in action.  Bummer.  Any guidance will be greatly appreciated.  Any links to a user group I have not found?


No doubt you have checked with members at vinyl engine ? Maybe someone there knows something...

I am reaching out through every website, forum and blog that I am aware of.  Vinyl Engine does have a lot of related manuals and I am very grateful to those who have contributed.  I'm seeking the bits of wisdom that are between the lines of manufacturer's publications.  Thanks for the response.  Have a great music day!

Here is "some info" as far as the T3F’s counterweight(s) values (145.5 grams and 181.5 grams).

Read somewhere that the earlier T3’s counterweight is 90 grams, but can’t find it to link.





Can't find a pic of the back of the arm.

Is the back threaded for a screw on counterweight?

The T3 used an Allen screw to tighten the counterweight (I think).

Welcome and good luck with it.

Never seen/heard the "F" version, which is said to be a major improvement VS the sans-F.