Any Golden Ear Tech Triton Two owners?

I'm finally purchasing a pair of Triton Two speakers in a couple of days and was looking for any help/advice anyone had in changing out the power cords to the powered sub-woofer the speaker has. I would assume I should upgrade, but am a novice when it comes to power cords. Thanks in advance for any help offered...
Let us know how these work out for you, and tell us about the system, LenSteve. I haven't spotted a pair of these yet on Audiogon... When they were first coming out I talked at some length with Sandy G. about the design details, and particularly how well they matched up with low power tubes -- Sandy said he was running his Cayin in triode mode at about 13 watts... and it was working out fine. (This was in his "second" system.) Is it me, or are these still flying a bit under the radar of Audiogon-type audiophiles, especially the tube-o-philes, who could benefit in principle from most of the sub-140Hz burden being carried by the powered section?
i have a pair , im running it with my manley itube for 2 channel and with my emotivas for HT. only problem BASS heavy on everything even when set to 0. ive just changed the wires to ZU wax switching it from 8tc and also upgrades my wiring for them to pangea 1m runs. SO far i can really disturb the neighbors. Im giving it awhile to run in before i make any more conclusions. but for now its highs and bass are just not too refined. "comparing this to a sonus faber liuto run with pre power from primaluna might not be fair.
I've spent considerable time listening to them in two separate shops, and have not been impressed. The mid-range seems too veiled and closed in, and the bass is too boomy and ill defined. Both shops were driving them with high power SS amps (Krell and Denon), so tubes may make them sound a lot better. I was thinking that they make a good match with my Rogue amp (see my system), but to my ears, the Vandersteens sound a LOT better than the Tritons. Of course, all our opinions differ. Both dealers stressed the need to really experiment with room placement for the Tritons, as toe-in angle and distance from front and side walls seems pretty crucial to get the best musical sound from these speakers. Good Luck with the Tritons, and Happy Listening !
I owned a pair...for about a month. They were 'ok' but ultimately not my cup of tea. A little too laid back and not detailed enough for my taste. On paper they offer a lot for the price though and maybe in another room with different equipment might have made an improvement. Everyone's tastes are different though so YMMV.