Any ghostbusters out there??? HELP

I recently received my ARC REF2 and my Pass Labs X600 back from the manufacturer, where they went through minor repairs, adjustments. and new tubes in the preamp. I connected evrything back up and when I use the phono only, I pick-up an NPR station in the background. I do not have a tuner, or antenna, and this only occurs when the preamp in set on phono.

Any ghostbusters out there who can help
Sounds like the phono cable is acting as an antenna for RF interferance. You can test this theory by simply disconnecting the phono cable & ground wire from the preamp & changing nothing else. If the problem goes away, then you need a better-shielded phono cable. If the problem is still there w/ no phono connected, then somebody may hv messed up at ARC when they were putting yr preamp back together.
Best of luck.
Thanks, Joe. You're right, it is the phono cable. What puzzles me, is why now? I've had this exact set-up for over a year and it never did this. I did move the cable around to the point that I can no longer hear the NPR station, unless I increase the gain to levels that would "blow out Dumbo's ears."

Ironically, NPR is in the middle of a fund raising drive, so I sent in my membership. I guess it could have been much worse. It could've have tuned into Rush L. or Doctor Laura, in which case, I would have taken all my gear into the shower and tried to wash it off.