Any gear you wish you had bought or not sold??

I'm curious as to what gear anyone may have sold that they now wish they still had or gear that they had a chance to buy and didn't. My nomination for gear I wish I would have bought: Craig's (Garfish) Vandersteen 3A Sigs. I live about an hour away from Craig and bought a tuner from him about a year ago and drove to his house on our coast to pick it up. I got to check out his fantastic rig while there and he mentioned that he had his new 5's on the way and was interested in selling his 3A's. I don't even want to mention the deal he would have given me on the Sigs because it still turns my stomach to think about it... As far as gear I sold and wish I had back: I sold my Platinum Audio Solos about a year ago and went through about 5 different pair of speakers before finally finding another pair of Solos and buying them. Truly one of the great bargains in pre-owned audio. Anyone else have a story? Cheers
I have no regrets about any equipment I have sold... Now regrets about equipment that I have bought... THAT is a different story.

I certainly regret selling my "looks like new" Technics SL-1000 MK II turntable set up, especially considering what I sold it for and what I see people are now asking.

Fortunately, sometime later I got an SP-10 MK II on an excellent broadcast base. . .

And I would wish even more that I hadn't sold my Tannoy System 12 DMT II studio monitors, except that recently I got a decent deal on a NOS pair of System 15s.

I didn't think I'd ever say this, but, other than a Grace 707 arm (once I pay off some debts), I think I'll only be buying LPs, CDs and SACDs for the foreseeable future.

Happy listening all!

Sometimes I wish I hadn't sold the pair of Dynaco ST-70's I had some years ago.... from what I've read, they continue to improve with age... & are still a great place to start modifying....

Haven't taken a soldering iron out in anger in too long....
I miss my Threshold 400A-It would cost $5k to $10k to match it and I only got a paltry sum of $650.
I gave a pair of Dynaco monoblocks to my roommate when I bought a Halfer system many years ago. Doh!

I regret selling my Dynaco Stereo 150, PAT 5 preamp and double stack of large Advents. It wasn't the most transparent, smooth or anything else but it sounded so damn good!
After that, I agree with Tok20000.
Before I seriously got into stereo equipment, I owned an old Pioneer receiver and an okay Dual tt. During a move I GAVE away 4 crates of 70's jazz / rock etc. to this mover dude because I was short of cash for their services.

I'm still paying for my mistake to this very day.