Any GaN amp good with Acoustats?

So, are there any GaN amps capable of driving Acoustats - 1+1s or 2+2s? I've been running a TNT-200 for a while but eager to go GaN.

Some 20 years ago I had the Accoustat 2 + 2s with servo-amps that I somewhat modified. These days there's a guy in Florida who could hook you up with a pair. I much preferred them to the interfaces + amp of your choice

I did connect my AGD Audion mono blocks with my Janszen zA2.1 electrostatic speakers and was impressed. These are the best class D amps Ive ever heard.

I also have a TNT-200, but the direct drive servo amps are what I use on my Model 2 speakers. While Roy Esposito in FL could refurbish a set, these guys in the Netherlands offer a modified version of the original, as well as their own model:

Those Acoustats drop to 2 ohms or less in the high treble. You should stick to using the TNT amp. I have one - an excellent amp!

My Quad ESL 57s also go down to below 2 ohms in the treble, in fact the impedance curve is very similar to the Model 2. I’m using the new Atma-Shere Class D amplifier which is GaN based and the amp has no issues driving my Quads. Atma-Sphere offers a trial period so you have an opportunity to try the amps out at no risk.

also - the peachtree gan is 400 watts per channel into 8 ohms - capable of driving anything methinks. and sounds good as well.