Any further news on Spectral CDP?

It's now the second half of February and still no word on when it will be released
i heard it is coming out in march. i also heard they will have another less expensive one. This is what i heard, i hear a lot of things that don't happen.
I stopped in Overture Audio. There is good news, bad news.
The good news: there will be two models SDR4000 and
SDR4000S, both CD players. The bad news: not till at
least summer if not longer.
And I bet I'm not only one. Shouldn't we get some update or other courtesy?
I messed up my response. I meant to write: "I have over $5000 on deposit. And I bet I'm not the only one. Shouldn't we get some update or other courtesy?"
Are you kidding?? Spectral is the most private of private
audio companies. They will not put out a product until it is
ready for production. That is the way they have been for the
last 20 years, so why would they change now??? Besides,
why did you put a deposit on it???
Which of the 5 or so U.S. Spectral dealers is requiring $5000 deposits on orders? I've never deposited more than about $2000, and that was always for a product already in production. You should ask for your money back, or at least for interest.
look at the homepage of Stectral. There is more information about the SDR 4000