Any Fried A/6 Owners?

I am a big Fried fan and recently purchased a pair of A/6s in hopes of adding to my collection speakers w/that great "Fried sound." After living w/them a while, my ears tell me something is wrong (electric guitars are dead and orchestral midrange sounds strangely distant). W/some investigation I've learned that the then-owners of Fried used Bud-approved drivers but a crossover designed for the Fried Beta, a decision Bud disagreed with. Are there any A/6 owners out there that have modified theirs (i.e. changed x-over values) to better effect? I feel like I have a speaker w/a lot more to give.
Did you ever get any replies to this ? I'm thinking of buying some A/6's also.
My advice is to be judicious regarding Fried loudspeakers. There is a lot of misinformation out there.

I have a pair of Fried A/6, and though it took me a long while to cotton to them, now believe they are at least on par with anything available new today up to $5K. I use both them and my Merlin VSM-M in my second system. Except for the A/6 being slightly less resolving (things like the sense of the skin of a drum), the two run more neck and neck than most anyone would believe.

For sentimental reasons, I am hesitant to alter them from stock, but occasionally wonder how good they would end up via simply upgrading the crossover parts and wiring. In comparison to today, the products of that time were of very low quality.
I own a few sets of Fried's right now: Q3 in service with my mom for >20 years and his SM subs. I built a pair of C3/L's many moons ago and upgraded the caps, wire and solder to good effect. I even took them to Bud's house and lined them up next to his own set. He liked the work and sound. Good luck with your project.