Any Four Freshmen lovers here?

I have a very rare four freshman album and would like to get some information about it.

The Album cover simply sys "ff the four freshmen".  If you can help, I'll provide more information.
AllMusic website no such album by that on :  
Search box at right top of site type in Four Freshmen and click on them when the list comes up below.All the biography, all albums, etc.
Not my style but I like researching recordings. Too bad you can’t post a picture here. Any label name, catalog number etc. on the sleeve or info on the runout would help. How do you know it's very rare?
Elizabeth - thank you.  I checked that site and found no mention of the album.


This album came from my uncle’s collection (he died in the mid-90s). My assertion that it’s rare is twofold: A) I’ve searched the internet and came up with nothing. As far as I can tell, this album never existed. B) The letter to my uncle that is taped to the cover says the following:


Maybe we should explain this album.

All the early freshmen records are collectors’ items, but none are so rare as the one you hold in your hand. There were only a few made and there will be no more.

The album jacket may be a little less colorful than most, but let me tell you ---- it was individually manufactured by hand, and you just can’t hardly get them no more either.

Enjoy the album in good health,



 The letter is signed by Ray Brown, Ken Albers, and Ross Barbour.

The album also has an autographed picture taped to the front of the cover signed by Bob Flanigan, Ray Brown, Ken Albers, and Ross Barbour.

Side 1 of the album is called “the four freshmen SAMPLER” and has the following tracks on it: Route 66; Poinciana, Swingin’ on a star; Lets take a walk around the block; It could happen to you; and Once in love with Amy.

Side 2 of the album has the following tracks: Accentuate the positive; Polka dots and moonbeams; Please don’t talk about me when I’m gone; Whistle me some blues; and And so it’s over.

The record label is Capital.

This seems like it was either going to be a greatest hits that never got off the ground, or maybe a demo album to send to different labels? I really have no idea. I’ve sent e-mails to a few folks in their fan club trying to find information, but to date, nobody has provided anything.

The sad thing, is, I don’t really care for their music. I’ve tried listening to them on Tidal and just can’t get into it, so I’m really the wrong person to have this keepsake (Plus I don’t have a TT to play it on). Maybe it’s just garbage and I should toss it, but I know my uncle loved the group so I’m hoping to find something about it before taking any action with it.

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