Any feedback on in Dallas, GA?

After emailing and telephoning with Marc Koval and discussing my unit last fall, I sent in my Meridian CD player for repair in November. I had a service authorization number from them and I called before the holidays to confirm that it arrived, but I have not heard from them since then.  I have emailed them many times requesting a response, called them and left messages when I got an answering machine, and once I even reached Jason who said he needs to call me back and he never did.  Are they still in business?  Has anyone had any dealings with them, positive or negative, since January?  I am very fond of this unit and would like it back even if it isn't repaired.
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Why do you think that?  Perhaps the guy is a bit behind.  
There are two of them, Marc and Jason, and neither respond to very many messages and emails.  Their webpage and answering message still suggests that they are in business. I do believe that the most likely hypothesis is that they have some sort of problem and are evading their customers and cheating them by not returning the units that have been sent to them for repair.