Any feedback on the just released Hendrix albums

I just got the Valleys of Neptune and First Rays of the New Rising Sun today, and have only had time to listen to side D of Valleys of Neptune this version of Red House is just awsome. Just wondering what others think.
I picked up the vinyl version last night and listened to three of four sides. Overall, my feeling is that the family has finally run out of quality Jimi material. I can tell that much processing was performed on the music to get it to marginal audio standards. The "new" song isn't all that great, perhaps it will grow on me in time, but at first listen I wasn't terribly impressed. Some tunes have a good drum and bass tonality, but the majority of the tracks are a bit strident.

Hey, any new Jimi is welcomed in my house and I have all the earlier pressing and CD releases. I would recommend it to long time fans but if you are new to Jimi then I would stick to the earlier releases by the family.
Experience Hendrix(greedy family members and others) has managed to degrade the legacy of a master musician by releasing stuff that should have been thrown in the waste can years ago.This is my opinion and if you don't agree that's just fine.
Alan douglas eeked out the top material more than a decade ago while he had control of the legacy . If you want to hear Jimi at his best , check out Jimi hendrix unsurpassed studio takes, this is a cd import with some outstanding tunes such as Cherokee Mist , and a nearly 12 minute Astro Man Jam. This disc is on yellow dog records 1994.
All of that stuff has been available on bootlegs (some fine quality) since the '70's. Still, the officially released material is generally superior.
Not impressed with Neptune. Thought I would be, but this is fair at best. The versions lack a certain energy--you can see the effects of over-touring and drugs taking over. Was not engaged at all. Stone Free and Sunshine just lack something--very pedestrian--not firey like I was expecting.

I think First Rays is the better release.
Bongofury,I think the greediness of the Experience Hendrix outfit has more to do with what you heard than any problems the artist was having,albeit,the man was deemed to be in bad shape. It's well documented that Hendrix spent an enormous time in the studio and recorded everything that went on,most of which I'm sure,was never to be considered for released.These people have been riding the man's coat tails since they got control of the music.It is obvious they will release anything to make a buck.This is just my take on the subject,I'm sure there are many others.
I think you are right. Just think--20 more albums in the q.
That's what Sony claims.
>>03-18-10: Bongofury
I think you are right. Just think--20 more albums in the q.
That's what Sony claims.<<

Imagine the marketing opportunity here.

Buy an album full of Hendrix junk and get an album of Michael Jackson junk for the same price.

Offer limited to the first 50 million buyers.
I'm not sure why there's such a negative reaction to this material? When musicologist find an heretofore unknown work by Mozart, it's interesting, regardless of whether it's high quality Mozart. A new sonnet from Shakespeare is by definition a major find even if it's bad Shakespeare. Now Jimi Hendrix is not at the same level as Mozart and The Bard, but even forty years after his death he's still considered the greatest rock guitarist EVER. So even his worst material is of interest. Basically, Jimi tuning his guitar is more interesting than 50% of anything any other rock guitarist ever played.
Onhwy61,it's mostly old,rehashed out takes from studio sessions,very little,if any,of it is very interesting.It is not up to par with anything Hendrix released while alive.Your analogy about Mozart and Shakespeare does't float with me,written works and recorded works are two entirely different subjects.But,everyone is entitled to their opinion.
"Now Jimi Hendrix is not at the same level as Mozart"

What a shock. Just think how I would have misjudged him.
Now that we have animalistic rap and hiphop to compare it to it might seem like genius, but it ain't high culture folks.

Oh how we have fallen.....
I agree that anything he did is of interest, it's just not thirty dollars interesting. If it's mediocre Hendrix and not something one would likely listen to again then spending thirty dollars on it is a waste.

Thirty dollars? You must be talking about vinyl Herman? The CD is about eight bucks. It did open at number one on the Billboard charts and break the Elvis record. I haven't heard it even though I bought the 45.
I stand corrected. My $30 was based on what I saw it for at my local vinyl emporium. I see it online for $15.52 at Amazon with shipping.

I looked at eBay and some guy is asking $300 for a copy. It's not even a low number, and, oh yeah, you'll need to add $4 for shipping.

Yeah, I paid $18.00 for the album @ HMV, yes they have vinyl these days! New song, Valleys of neptune, is okay. Its always refreshing to hear some new jimi. The spotlight is on the version of red house on the album, KICK @SS. I not sure if the album is full analogue, but the sonics are decent. I would say it is a no brainer for any Jimi fan, and @ $18 it is well worth it, pick it up and enjoy it but do not set your expectations as high as neptune, you might only get Everest. Just my $0.02. Happy listening.