Any feedback on TANNOY?

I recently dropped in the website of Tannoy while researching on speakers and look quite interesting. However, there aren’t too many write-ups of reviews on them. How good are these speakers? Second, they seem to have wide range of products – fx, mercury, revolution, saturn, definition, eyris, dimension (which really looks good), etc. How would you rank these products? Do you have any idea of the price rang for Tannoy speakers?

My other speaker choices are – Paradigm Studios and B&W NT. How would Tannoy compare to these?

I think that if you were to do a discussion forum search of 'Tannoy' you would find quite a bit. Most of it is positive. So much so that I will audition Tannoy speakers before making my own final decision.
Tannoy is particularly well thought of in professional circles, and its various lines are certainly worthy of comparison to price-competitive offerings of Paradigm, B&W, PSB, and others. Of course, speaker sound is a very individual (and room-dependent) thing, so the opinions of others really aren't of much relevance.

Their lines are a bit confusing. Here are rough price ranges for some of their lines (per pair, for mains):

Dimension: $6-10K
Definition: $3-4K
Eyris: $1-2K
Revolution: $500-1500
Mercury: $270-730
I have a pair of Tannoy Turnberrys from their Prestige series. I am very pleased with them. They are perfect for my small living room. Their imaging is excellent and the sound is crystal clear and focused. I am using a tube amp and I like the setup a lot. They also have a very retro look that I find way cool. These list for $4500 and it is quite difficult to find a dealer that carries the Prestige line. I'll be hanging onto these for quite a while, that's how much I like them. Bomarc is right though, you should give a listen for yourself. Good luck.
Tannoy has been around since the earliest days of recorded sound. Did you know that in England, the word "Tannoy" is sometimes used in general for "Loudspeaker".
I've used Tannoy dual concentrics for over thirty years and have not yet found a compelling reason to move to another brand of speaker--at least for what I can afford.

The best value for money are their professional studio monitors for which you have to go on the Tannoy Professional site. I use DMT 12 and DMT 15 II.

Tannoy manufactures speakers in virtually every price range (though the cheaper models are not dual concentrics), right up to the $25,000 Westminster Royals, a fully horn-loaded design the size of a large fridge and the weight of a sumo wrestler that ranks among the very best loudspeakers made.

But one man's fidelity drives another man crazy, so audition as much as you can. Also,lots of used Tannoys on eBay, here on Audiogon and elsewhere.


If you listen to classical music these are for you. I'm thinking about buying a pair of Saturn 8 ot 10 (Saturn is the cheapest series to have the dual-concentric) or
Definition- 500 (the name says it all). I found the sound very truthfull to the recorded music (of course I wasn't at the recording sesion, but you understand what I mean).
I would consider purchasing Tannoy before B&W any day. I especially like the Definition 500 & 700 models. I was unimpressed with the Dimension series.
I have a pair of MX4 which I like a lot. A lot of speaker for the money. I have Cabasse in my main system, but these lower end Tannoys are really nice.