Any feedback on Metronome T1-i CD player

I had a chance to listen to one last week
and liked it very much,but, it was a little pricey
(6000 list).I haven't been able to find much
feedback anywhere.Any input would be helpful.
I too am interested in any feedback. What I have managed to find is very positive. You might try researching the archives on this site; although in my experience the information is still limited. I understand they have a couple of wonderful tube pieces.

This hobby is very much a fashion industry and Metronome is not a chic brand for some reason. Currently Mephisto and Audio Aero are the "soup de jour."

I dont have the T1-i CD but i can comment on the CD-IV. I recently purchased one to replace my AH!!! Njoe 4000 cdp. I noticed a bigger soundstage and a little more detail PLUS the unit is built like a tank. Also experimentation with different tubes gives different sound also. Im currently running Siemans 7308 tubes in it now. I would highly recommend Metronome if your able to get it.
I have the CDV-2 signature. It is awesome as well